Princess Charlotte's strong but subtle indication she's keen to 'grow up quickly'

The Wales youngster has started to act differently when attending public events

Princess Charlotte in carriage at King's birthday parade
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Princess Charlotte's strong but subtle indication she's keen to 'grow up quickly' has been revealed.

The Wales's youngster's composure comes as 'Caring and dedicated' Prince William is totally different dad compared to 'workaholic' father King Charles

Princess Charlotte, who turned eight earlier this year, is already becoming a 'standout star' of the royal family, and is the 'sibling in charge' according to mum Kate.

So it comes as no surprise that the youngster, who is the middle-child of Prince William and Kate, with older brother Prince George and younger brother prince Louis, is keen to show fans her growing maturity.

While it's easy to monitor child development between the ages of one and five, junior children display it in slightly different ways. 

But body language expert Judi James has revealed the signs that Charlotte is starting to act more grown up in public.

Judi explained to, "In 2020 William and Kate took their three children to the panto and although William arrived holding small daughter Charlotte’s hand she swiftly pulled away once they reached the red carpet to walk in by herself."

Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis

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“The gesture probably defines the special father/daughter relationship well," Judi added.

“William has always been a very even-handed dad in terms of play, affection rituals and attention-giving but his three children have very different personalities and his daughter is probably the most confident and independent right now.

“While George was happy to hold his dad’s hand for longer and while Louis prefers to tear around entertaining the crowds, Charlotte seems to be keen to show how quickly she is growing up and how little parenting she needs now.”

Princess Charlotte also displayed maturity during a recent Scout visit where she toasted marshmallows for s'mores - having a go at volunteering herself as she helped to renovate the scout hut.

And no doubt Charlotte will continue to show growth as she prepares to break up for the summer holidays ahead of her new term in September at Lambrook Grove.

The youngster is said to be close to Kate and it could be that we start and see Princess Charlotte mirroring her mother when it comes to how she acts in public, as if you remember at the Easter church service she waited for Kate to wave to onlookers before bravely following suit.

Princess Charlotte, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George

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But Judi also acknowledged that Prince William is on hand to comfort and support her. She explained, “The affection tie-signs are still there from William and still apparently very much appreciated by Charlotte.

“William will still stroke her hair in a reward gesture or as a comforting act at more challenging events like the Jubilee celebrations, but he is increasingly watching with pride as his daughter takes over as ‘class prefect’ when it comes to her two brothers and their behaviour at formal events.”

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