Is this the real reason why Prince William and Prince Harry have such different parenting styles?

While William is 'loving and caring,' Harry is more 'pragmatic,' according to an expert

Prince William and Prince Harry
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Prince Harry and Prince William have very different styles of parenting and one celebrity psychic and astrologer believes it's all to do with their star signs. 

Comparisons between members of The Firm is inevitable as all their decisions and actions are laid bare for the public to see. Whether it's drawing positive comparisons as both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton break a royal back-to-school tradition or it's pointing out the complete lack of comparison that can be made between generations, for example with experts sharing how 'caring and dedicated' Prince William is totally different dad to his 'workaholic' father King Charles.

Wherever a royal sits in the royal line of succession, they've probably got used to hearing about how they differ to their family members by now. But, like us, they likely wonder how, considering their similar upbringings, their parenting styles, whether they prefer gentle parenting, or tiger parenting, or permissive parenting, or therapeutic parenting, grew to be so different. 

Prince William and Prince Harry, who both attended the same school and had similar careers in the army and then also similar royal duties before each got married, now have such different parenting styles - how did it happen despite their near identical upbringing? 

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According to celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman, it's all because of the pair's star signs. 

Speaking to HELLO! Magazine, Honigman revealed, "Prince William is a gentle Cancerian, which means he is loving and caring. Cancerians are family-minded, devoted and emotional. They enjoy simple pleasures such as eating dinner with their loved ones or holding hands. A Cancer is romantic and intuitive.

"Prince William is a water sign just like his father, King Charles, who is a Scorpio. Fascinatingly, Scorpio and Cancer have the water element in common between them, which means that they both value emotions and the help and support that they can offer one another."

But while the pair are both water signs, their actual star signs mean they have quite different approaches to parenthood. 

"King Charles is a determined Scorpio, which means that his outer self is quite complex. Scorpios are focused, intentional, and even a bit sassy," Honigman revealed. 

"Being a parent and resolving family issues comes easily to King Charles, and he’s a natural at being a Dad. Any family crisis is his chance to shine and come up with solutions.

"At home he tries to do everything the correct and most balanced way. He wants everyone to live in peace and harmony with one another."

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Lilibet and Archie

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Prince Harry too has many astrological similarities to his father and brother, though the differences still mean his parenting style is vastly different in practice. 

The expert shared, "Virgos are earth signs which means they're very grounded, and ordinary things make them feel most alive – a strong cup of coffee, a hill walk, a hug. 

"His Venus is in Libra, just like his father's. This astrological placement tells us that Harry will always pick a partner who is loving and elegant, and he won’t be able to enjoy life without her."

But just because all three of the royals' parenting styles are varied, perhaps due to their astrology, Honigman shared that the overarching approach all three take to raising kids is very similar. 

“All three royal dads have their Venus in either Libra or Taurus. Both signs are actually ruled by the planet Venus, so all three royal dads are forgiving, kind parents who have overcome their own hardships to go on to win some hearts," she concluded. 

It's not the first time a royal's parenting style has been explained by their astrological charts. Pure Wow previously reported that Kate Middleton's status as a Capricorn means, like any other Capricorn parent, she tends to be relatively stern with her kids, wanting to show them the importance of 'structure and achievement.' 

On the other hand, they share that Capricorn parents also tend to be very expressive and offer a ton of support to their youngsters, just like how Kate is planning to skip the upcoming Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony to help coach Prince George through his upcoming school exams. 

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