Prince Louis’ brutal one-word response when Princess Charlotte tried to stop him ‘dancing and yawning’ during Trooping the Colour parade

Prince Louis brought his classic cheeky behaviour to the Trooping the Colour parade last weekend

Prince Louis at Trooping the Colour 2024
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A lip reader has revealed Prince Louis' sassy response when Princess Charlotte tried to get him to stop dancing and yawning during last weekend's Trooping the Colour celebrations. 

Prince Louis, who sits fourth in the royal line of succession, brought his wonderfully cheeky behaviour to the balcony of Buckingham Palace last weekend for King Charles's birthday celebrations. Attending the Trooping the Colour parade alongside his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and his two older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, he looked dapper in a smart suit jacket and blue tie.

The appearance delighted royal fans who had long been speculating over whether or not the royal children would be attending the event and when, the night before, Kate Middleton surprised everyone by announcing she would be taking the kids to mark the King's special day, excitement over Louis' possible mischievous antics, which he inherited from his dad, quickly began to brew. 

And he didn't disappoint. Before even making his way onto the Buckingham Palace balcony, Louis was already drawing attention. Standing at an open window to watch the parade, he was spotted dancing in time to the marching band's music and yawning dramatically as he stood alongside his family. 


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While the video itself is hilarious and heartwarming, with the youngster's confident nature shining through and proving that William and Kate know how to raise confident kids, a lip reader has revealed the moment that Kate tried to get her son to stand still to watch the parade - and his sassy response is so typically Louis. 

As Louis danced, Kate could be seen leaning forward to whisper in Charlotte's ear, seemingly prompting her to remind her brother to follow protocol as we know Charlotte is so adept at doing. But, according to lip reading expert Nicola Hickling, who spoke to The Mirror, when Charlotte appeared to tell her younger brother, "You have to stop doing that. Watch the parade,"  Louis simply replied, "I won't". 

Charlotte doubled down, seemingly adding, "Do as you're told." But Louis brutally shut her down with a one worded answer; "Nope."

At another point in the parade, still watching from the window, Louis began to play with the cord of the blinds which hung to one side of where he was standing. His attention was quickly hooked and the lip reader says he asked his mum, "Can I play with these beads?" Kate appeared to tell him in return, "No. I need you concentrate on the parade."

But not the whole of Louis' time was spent finding distraction. Despite his iconic previous reactions to the RAF flypast, this year he seemed to really enjoy the spectacle. As the planes flew overhead, Kate asked him, "Did you like that?" and he quickly replied, "That was so much fun," according to the lip reader. 

In other royal news, Prince George, Charlotte and Louis’ ‘amazing’ great-grandma is inspiring Kate Middleton’s parenting approach. Plus, as kids across the UK gear up for the big school break, Kate Middleton has big plans to make this year’s summer holiday ‘memorable’ for Prince George, Charlotte and Louis. And Prince George is going to be so upset he’s missing out on Prince William’s birthday plans - but the reason why is pretty understandable. 

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