Prince Louis inherited mischievous personality from his dad as unearthed clips show Prince William getting ‘told off’ by the late Queen

Royal fans have pointed out just how much Louis resembles his dad Prince William

Prince William and Prince Louis
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A clip that's going viral online has proved Prince Louis' takes after his dad Prince William, with the video showing the older royal getting told off by the late Queen for his cheeky behaviour.

Science may have shown that it's actually unlikely that your child will inherit your personality and could have a temperament closer to a 'random stranger,' but if there's any exception to that rule, it's Prince William and his six-year-old son Prince Louis. 

The royal youngster who sits fourth in the royal line of succession has become known for his delightfully cheeky antics and mischievous personality, always drawing attention with the funny faces he pulls when attending royal engagements alongside his parents William and Kate Middleton, and his siblings, Prince George, 10, and Princess Charlotte, nine. 

His appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace have become some of Louis' most memorable royal moments, with not only his parents but also Princess Charlotte telling him off and making sure he follows royal protocol. But it appears he's not the only royal to have struggled with keeping his cheeky side in check while waving to the public from above. 

A new TikTok video has compiled all of the times the late Queen Elizabeth II was forced to tell her grandson Prince William off while the entire royal family was on the Palace balcony - and watching it really does prove that Prince Louis takes after his dad. 


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Arguably the best part of the video is when we cut from a young Prince William being told off by his grandmother, to the Prince all grown-up with his own kids standing alongside him and he's still being kept in check by the monarch. 

Louis has long been known to steal the show while on the Buckingham Palace balcony, his most famous moments often being his reactions to the fly over during the Trooping the Colour parade. But, while the event will be held again for King Charles III's birthday celebrations this year, it's likely that Prince George, Charlotte and Louis will skip the event.

It's not just Louis who takes after his father, one royal expert has previously said they believe Prince George is a 'chip off the old block' when compared with his dad for the way he mirrors and copies much of his body language. 

Charlotte too takes after her dad not only for their shared love of their favourite food, but also, surprisingly, in their looks! Back in 2020 when he was presented with a cupcake creation that detailed his life, Prince William pointed to a photo of his younger self and said, "Is that me? Doesn't it look like Charlotte?" Turning to take a look, Kate agreed, "It looks so much like Charlotte."

The genes are strong! 

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