Prince Louis 'pushes' Prince William's hand away in this hilarious back to school moment

Prince Louis refuses to hold his dad Prince William's hand during his first new school outing.

Prince Louis 'pushes' Prince William's hand away
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Prince Louis 'pushes' his father Prince William's hand away in this hilarious back to school moment.

Prince Louis hilariously 'pushes' Prince William's hand away as the Cambridge 'gang' visit their new school.

As the youngest member of the Cambridge family, Prince Louis is starting his new £17k a year school (opens in new tab) by joining his brother Prince George, nine, and sister Princess Charlotte, seven, at Lambrook School in Berkshire. 

And as Prince William and Kate Middleton walk hand in hand with their children, as they have done in previous years, Prince Louis, four, can be seen rejecting his father's hand offering as they walk to the school.

Kate is holding hands with Prince George and Louis, while Prince William, who is standing next to Louis, only has Princess Charlotte's hand held.

You can see Prince Louis hilariously push his dad's hand away in the clip below...

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One fan claimed the clip to be "so fake and staged" but added, "Little Louis get gives it away. Love the way he pushed dad's hand away. #PrinceHarry personality here..." (sic).

Another fan put, "A solid family unit right there” and a third fan joked, "Prince William: Trying to hold Prince Louis' hand and explaining to him why it's a good idea. Prince Louis: No thanks, I'm Boss Baby."

And a fourth fan noted, "I think Prince Louis will be running that school in no time! They are all look so cute!! I hope they have a great school year."

Prince William proceeds to let his youngest leave his hand free but sweetly pats him on the back of the head as they make their way down the road.

Prince Louis 'pushes' away Prince Wiliam's hand

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The family chats among themselves until they are greeted by the headmaster Jonathan Perry who asks them, 'Are you excited children?' to which they all enthusiastically respond 'Yes'.

The Cambridge family have recently moved house (opens in new tab) too from Kensington Palace to their new home at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.