Inside Prince Louis’ £17k ‘new school’ with Scuba diving classes

Prince Louis is set to move to a new school costing £17k a year.

Prince Louis 'new school'
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Prince Louis' 'new school' boasts scuba diving and polo club activities amid £17k fees.

Prince Louis is set to enrol at £17k a year ‘new school’ that boasts scuba diving and polo lessons.

The youngster is expected to join his brother Prince George and sister Princess Charlotte at a new school this September as the family reportedly prepare to move home from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate to be closer to the Queen.

It’s understood that Prince William and Kate have visited the school on numerous occasions - with the Duke even asking existing students questions about Latin classes.

But if reports ring true, when Prince Louis enrols, his education is estimated to cost £17,556 per year - a cost that rises as the child moves up classes. For instance Princess Charlotte’s fees are expected to cost £25,792 while Prince George’s will cost the most at £27,996 per year.

And if you’re wondering what kind of education the Cambridge kids will get for their parent’s money - among the lavish activities are scuba diving and cooking club, a bee farm, a polo club and a there’s even a nine hole golf course for any Tiger Woods Professional golfer wannabe’s.

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Prince Louis previously attended Willcocks Nursery School in London where it cost £14,500 per student to attend.

But Louis' 'new school' is set in 52 acres of the Berkshire countryside and it has room for 615 boys and girls from ages three to 13.

Among the lessons taught via the curriculum are English, Maths, French, Science, Latin, Greek, History, Geography, ICT, Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Music, RS, PE, Swimming and Games.

The school’s website also says children can choose a new “enrichment activity each half-term” and have the following activities to choose from Farming, Bee Keeping, Chess, Mountain Biking, Fencing, Judo, Fencing, Film Making, Squash, Scuba Diving, Squash, Song writing, Mini Masterchef, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Golf, Polo, Podcast making, Sewing, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis, Life Saving, Survival, Debating and Public Speaking - to name but a few.

Sounds like it will also put Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who are third and fourth in line to the throne in royal succession (opens in new tab), in good stead for their future responsibilities.

And that’s not all, the youngsters can also go on school trips to Sweden, France, Italy, Iceland, Somerset, Dorset, South Africa and the Isle of Wight.