Queen Consort Camilla could be set to scrap royal tradition, according to historian

It’s thought that Camilla, The Queen Consort will look to scrap a royal tradition the late Queen Elizabeth II always followed

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A royal historian predicts that Camilla could end the tradition of ‘ladies-in-waiting’ in her new role as The Queen Consort.

A royal historian claims that The Queen Consort could look to scrap a royal tradition that the late Majesty, the Queen followed throughout her 70-year reign.

The change in question could be made to the royal family’s use of ‘ladies-in-waiting,’ who are staffers that traditionally work as personal assistants to the Queen. 

The late Queen Elizabeth II appointed nine ladies between 1953 to 2017, who were chosen to assist her with day-to-day tasks like arranging private family events, accompanying her on outings and choosing her outfits. 

When she was alive, the Queen mourned the death of two of her ladies-in-waiting -  Ann Fortune FitzRoy, Dowager Duchess of Grafton, died on 3rd December at the age of 101. And Diana Maxwell, Lady Farnham, died on 29th December at the age of 90.

Several of the Queen’s assistants were present at her funeral, as they were counted among some of her closest companions after decades together and would even pick up on some of the late Queen's secret signals.

But while the Queen followed the tradition of having her own personal staffers, it’s thought that the Queen Consort will choose not to.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig told the Express, “There are some positions that may no longer be filled."

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Mrs Koenig explained, "You wonder if the women, especially Queen Camilla, will use ladies-in-waiting as the Queen did. She's never had, even as the Duchess of Cornwall, an official lady-in-waiting.”

Camilla and Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales were both given the opportunity to appoint their own ladies-in-waiting after marrying into the family but decided against it.

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Mrs Koenig also added that the task of sending thank you letters to the public, which was also reportedly handled by the ladies-in-waiting could also be changed, explaining, “I think in the correspondence office, it's just going to be people signing the letters. In this day and age, they will have people who do it, but I don't expect they'll have the formal title.”

It comes after it's claimed that Kate Middleton, who is next in line to become Queen Consort after Camilla could ditch 'inappropriate' items of clothing in preparation for her future Queen role.

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