Sarah Ferguson planned the sweetest Christmas celebration for her grandchildren - but there’s one thing she’s struggling to teach them about the holidays and it’s so relatable

Life in the royal household doesn't sound too different from that in your average family home

Sarah Ferguson
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Sarah Ferguson has revealed some sweet details about the Christmas celebrations she had planned for her grandchildren - but it seems that there’s one important thing she’s struggling to teach the youngsters about the holidays and all parents and grandparents will understand.

With Christmas day over and the top toys of 2023 laying scattered around the floor, it can feel like a real weight off the shoulders for the festive period to be over and done with it. But parenting never takes a break - not even over the holidays. 

Sarah Ferguson is very aware of this fact. The royal revealed that she planned some sweet celebrations for her three grandchildren, Princess Beatrice's daughter Sienna, two, and Princess Eugenie's sons, August, two, and Ernest, six months, but after admitting that she's struggling to teach the youngsters one very important Christmas value, we wonder how quickly the festive plans soured... 

Sarah Ferguson, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

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Over on Instagram, the royal shared a video of her carrying around a haul of soft toys, sharing in the caption that the gifts were set to be wrapped up and put under her Christmas tree, most likely to be opened up by her grandkids, the late Queen Elizabeth II's great-grandchildren.  

"We are wrapping plenty of toys (and books) to put under the tree!" she wrote in the caption. "And it is about time to read Little Red's Christmas Story to my grandchildren again. How is everyone else spending this festive season?"

But once the gifts were unwrapped and ready to be played with, Sarah has admitted that her grandkids struggle to share the toys and no matter how much she tries to teach them the important value, they just don't want to do it!

Earlier this year on her podcast Tea Talks With The Duchess and Sarah, Fergie opened up about the sharing struggle with her grandkids, who sit 10th, 12th and 13th in the royal line of succession, saying that she's often had to go out and buy replica toys so they don't argue over who gets what. 

Detailing how she bought August a bubble-making machine during one particularly hot summer, she added the caveat that he didn't want to share with his cousin Sienna, forcing the grandmother to nip out and buy another. 

"You go into [the shop] Daniel of Windsor again… and you buy a bubble-making machine lawnmower. Of course, August thinks it is [his] lawnmower so Sienna comes down and says ‘no, no it’s my lawnmower’.

“And between the two of them, we have fisticuffs and I immediately am seen in Daniel of Windsor again [buying] another lawnmower.”

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