The royal family shares adorable update on Paddington Bears left for the Queen as they prepare to find new homes

The royal family has shared the cutest update on how the Paddington Bears, left in tribute to Her Majesty the Queen, have enjoyed their stay at Buckingham Palace

A picture of Queen Elizabeth II smiling and wearing a cream dress and matching hat, alongside a photograph of a Paddington Bear Toy, with a note, sat on the gates of Buckingham Palace, left in tribute to her Majesty on September 10, 2022
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Royal fans have had their hearts melted by the royal family's farewell post to the Paddington Bear toys that have been staying at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

Following the passing of her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, thousands of mourners left Paddington Bear toys in tribute to her outside Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. The bears were of course, in reference to the Queen's iconic Paddington Jubilee skit and now the royal family has shared the most adorable update on how the mischievous bears have enjoyed their stay at the royal households.

The family previously announced that the thousands of marmalade-loving bears would be donated to the Barnardos Children services, sharing the news on Instagram with a lovely picture of the Queen Consort, sitting amongst them - with one sat on her lap. Now, as they prepare to bid farewell to them, royal fans have received one last update. 

In the latest Instagram post, the royal family shared a few snaps of what the bears have gotten up to during their two months stay.  In the first picture, six of the beloved Peruvian bears can be seen sitting in one of the Palace's doorways, with suitcases as they get ready to leave for their new homes. 

In the second picture, one bear was eying up the book collection at Clarence House, while a few others were hanging out together and enjoying a marmalade sandwich in the Drawing room. 

Royal fans were then treated to a glimpse of the bears' more mischievous antics, with one sliding down the banister of a grand staircase. The fourth and final picture then showed one last Paddington, with his famous red hat and suitcase leaving the Throne Room.

The carousel was accompanied by a caption that read, "We’ve had a lovely stay at Clarence House and Buckingham Palace (doing our best to keep out of mischief…) Looking forward to arriving at our new homes next week!"

Royal fans were understandably blown away by the adorable content, with one commenting, "This is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!"

Another fan also wrote: "That’s so cute. Paddington will for me forever remind me our wonderful Queen Elizabeth ❤️"

Others were quick to point out how funny the Queen would have found the banister picture, as she was known for her very cheeky sense of humor. One commented, "Sliding down the banister 🤣😂🤣😂 our late Queen would love that photo!"

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