Virgin River season 4 ending explained and when could season 5 be coming out?

The conclusions to all of those plotlines explained and when to expect season 5

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So many of the season’s plots were finally wrapped up, and here’s what they all mean for the residents of Virgin River.

Virgin River’s widely anticipated season 4 landed on Netflix on July 20. With all episodes immediately available to watch, it didn’t take fans long to wade stealthily through them all. The lives of the small town’s colourful characters - and plot lines providing more twists and turns than a rollercoaster - ensure pure escapism. There’s no wonder fans of the show are always thirsty for more of the action, while remaining entranced by Mel and Jack’s central love story. With so many of the story’s exciting plots coming to a close at the end of season 4, here’s an explanation of what they all mean, and when a possible Virgin River season 5 could be arriving. 

It’s not only the storylines that keep audiences of the show enthralled, but also the stunning scenery. As the drama unfolds, the stunning location acting as a backdrop had left loyal fans asking where Virgin River is filmed. With Mel’s pregnancy announced at the end of season 3, her struggle into motherhood saw fresh challenges in season 4, with viewers asking does Mel Lose her baby in season 5? Questions of paternity remain for another pregnancy in the town, and fans have their theories - who could be the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River?

Virgin River season 4: Ending explained 

Fans were right - Jack is not the father of Charmaine’s twins. Plots can never come to an end without leaving cliffhangers in their place, and Virgin River season 4 ended on this almighty shocking note. 

In the final episode, Charmaine calls Jack and Mel to her house, worrying something is going wrong with her pregnancy. Panicking, she tells them both she is being punished for lying, and she’s worried she will lose the twins because of untruths she’s told. That’s correct - she lied about Jack being the father all along. This news dangled a massive carrot for fans however, because the final end credits rolled with a shocked Jack still not knowing who the real father is. 

Jack’s shooter was finally revealed to be Vince. It turns out not many people had Vince down on their who-shot-Jack bingo card, because this was a huge surprise. As the identical twin of Paige’s former husband Wes, Vince had suspected Preacher's involvement in Wes’ death, and visited Jack’s Bar looking for him. Finding only Jack there, the two fought and Jack was shot before Vince fled. Jack has experienced many flashbacks to the incident, but could never quite recall the shooter’s face. Now there is closure on this long-running thread.

On a happier note for Jack, he is revealed to be the father of Mel’s baby. After reconciling when Mel admitted to Jack she didn’t know if he was the father or not and the two temporarily split, they were initially not keen to find out the paternity. However, Mel’s deceased husband’s mother wants custody of Mel’s baby, plus her remaining embryos. Mel is left with no choice but to find out if Jack is the father, because if proved to be him, Mark’s mother would have to drop her case. While on a quiet getaway together, Mel nervously receives an email with the paternity results - Jack is the father and their baby is a little girl.

Paige and Christopher are safe - but not out of the woods. Paige is held at gunpoint by Vince, who demands to know where Wes is buried. He threatens Christopher’s safety, if Paige doesn’t turn herself in. Preacher interrupts the forced negotiation and knocks Vince out. Here lies another cliffhanger - we don’t know if Vince is dead or alive. If he’s alive, things don’t look good for him being revealed as Jack’s shooter. If he’s dead, Preacher and Paige have another body on their hands and their future will look bleak if they’re trying to cover up 2 murders - even though both were undertaken in self-defence. 

Denny’s secret is unveiled, and he has Huntington's disease. The grandson Doc never knew he had, arrived in the season 3 finale. The pair meet for the first time in the season 4 opening episode, and it transpires that Doc fathered a son during his time in medical school. When his college girlfriend became pregnant, she chose not to tell Doc, for fear of the pregnancy ruining his medical career. 

Denny’s mother died when he was a child, and unfortunately for Doc, the son he never met has also recently passed away. Denny arouses suspicions when he’s caught rifling through the medicine cabinet in Doc’s practice. Appearing to struggle with his memory, and eventually collapsing, Denny reveals his diagnosis. Huntington's Disease is not only incurable, but also genetic, meaning Denny inherited it from one of his parents. He could be looking for the carrier of the illness, which has led him to Doc.   

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Is Brady dead at the end of Virgin River season 4?

Brady is alive at the end of Virgin River season 4. After being framed for Jack’s shooting and landing in prison, his fate did look a little uncertain for a time. 

While inside, Brady was stabbed by some of Calvin’s men. Being stabbed by his assailants in the stomach, his kidney was lacerated, but luckily his injuries weren’t fatal. His future again looked uncertain when a mystery benefactor paid his $500,000 bail to get out of jail when his guilt came under fire - the shady character doesn’t have any law-abiding friends with that much cash. Wanting to get on with his life and leave the criminal world behind, Brady understands that somebody paying his bail is suspicious, but chooses to ignore this. 

When Brie goes digging and finds out a woman named Melissa Montgomery made the payment, Melissa becomes a threatening figure in Brady’s life. Using his feelings for Brie, she is able to coerce him to do her bidding. Worrying for Brie’s life, Brady finds himself sucked back into the criminal life he’s trying to leave behind.

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Who is Melissa Montgomery?

Melissa Montgomery is the new boss of Calvin’s drug operation. Visiting Brady, she announces herself as the new boss of all of Calvin’s enterprises. 

Telling Brady he will be taking a larger role in the ilegal side of the organisation, he tries to tell her he wants out of the business altogether. Alluding to the fact she’s had former boss Calvin killed, Melissa threatens Brie’s life if Brady doesn’t fall in line. Feeling he has no choice, he accepts his fate. She later tells Brady he will also go the same way as Calvin, if he tries to leave the business. 

In the season finale, Mel and Jack are celebrating Jack’s new business venture. Jack is setting up a glamping site, and Joe Ellen’s husband - and respected local businessman - Nick, is the investor. When Nick announces his sister will be joining them for dinner, none other than Melissa Montgomery arrives at their table, meaning she is related to one of the town’s loved and respected individuals. No doubt this twist will provide plenty of shocks for season 5.  

Virgin River season 4 ending: Fan reaction 

Fans are overwhelmingly happy that Jack is not the father of Charmaine’s twins. One fan posted to Twitter saying “OH wow. that ending of Virgin River was amazing. I thought she was lying in the beginning but then brushed it off. Already can't wait for the next season. Hoping next season we get more shows. One of my favourite shows. Amazing cast and storytelling”.

Another fan added the ending had been the one they’d been hoping for all along, calling it “the best yet”. 

Lauren Hammersley who plays Charmaine in Virgin River season 4

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How many episodes in Virgin River season 4? 

  • Episode 1: Be My Baby - 43 minutes
  • Episode 2: Father Knows Best…? - 44 minutes 
  • Episode 3: Grilled - 42 minutes
  • Episode 4: Serious As A... - 43 minutes 
  • Episode 5: Mayday - 40 minutes 
  • Episode 6: All’s Faire… - 43 minutes 
  • Episode 7: Otherwise Engaged - 39 minutes
  • Episode 8: Talk To Me - 43 minutes 
  • Episode 9: Bombshells - 43 minutes
  • Episode 10: Fire And Rain - 42 minutes 
  • Episode 11: Once Again - 42 minutes 
  • Episode 12: The Long Goodbye - 42 minutes

There are 12 episodes in Virgin River season 4. All episodes are available to watch on Netflix. 

There are 3 Netflix packages available for those wanting to subscribe. The cheapest package costs £6.99 per month, and this basic starting price includes unlimited access to the Netflix catalogue. With this, subscribers can only stream from one device at a time. 

At £10.99 per month, the standard package also includes the entire Netflix catalogue. However, simultaneous streaming from 2 devices is allowed. This package also has shows in HD, and allows downloads to mobile devices. 

The final premium package costs £15.99 per month, and features bonuses including allowing streaming across 4 devices, and contains most of the catalogue in Ultra HD. 

Will there be a season 5 of Virgin River?

Yes, season 5 of Virgin River has been confirmed. In September 2021, Netflix announced a double renewal, and fans have known since then that season 5 was on the cards. 

Sharing the news to their Instagram account, the Virgin River official account shared a comedy clip of Jack getting down on one knee in front of Mel. On one knee, Jack actor Martin Henderson is seen saying to Alexandra Breckenridge’s Mel “do you want to do a season 4?” Looking at him earnestly, she replies “Yes! I do! I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you want to do a season 5?” They both gasp dramatically and smile widely at the camera.

The caption for the video states “Virgin River is officially renewed for seasons 4 and 5”.

Fans welcome the news, particularly with the stories that still need closure from season 4. Hope is still grappling with her brain injury, and it still isn’t clear if she will fully recover. With Charmaine indicating she and Todd are no more, it may be revealed that Todd was abusing her in the form of gaslighting - Charmaine could reveal more about this and how it affected her.

Dr Cameron Hayek has strong feelings for Mel, and even stronger ones that Jack is wrong for her. He could pursue this in season 5, while Mel could face a difficult birth with anxiety over the way her first birth ended - with the tragic stillbirth of her daughter.

Doc, still coming to terms with his macular degeneration diagnosis, not only has to face the death of a son he never met, but the terminal diagnosis of his young grandson. This could also impact his relationship with Hope.

With Ricky off to the Marines, he and Lizzie had split and she was exploring her feelings for Denny. Finding out he is dying will be difficult for young Lizzie, and a possible return for Ricky could further complicate all of their lives.

When could Virgin River season 5 be coming out? 

This remains unconfirmed. However, as season 3 dropped in July 2021, and season 4 in July 2022, fans are anticipating a July 2023 release

Martin Henderson (Jack) shared a video of himself water skiing, on July 25. He captioned the video “This is what a Sunday in #virginriver country looks like. So grateful that this is our backyard while we film in Vancouver."

The caption continued: "I’m only a beginner but I’m gonna get good at this sport - I love that it offers such an opportunity to find grace and power at the same time! Hope y’all had a great weekend and hopefully you got to feel the beauty and healing power of nature too! Back to set tomorrow to get season 5 to you soon(ish)!”

Although that doesn’t give away a release date, the fact filming is in progress is certainly promising. Plus it suggests that a 2023 release date could be likely.

Whilst you wait, Virgin River fans can fill the void with a number of new Netflix additions - from the story of The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling to the new Resident Evil series or The Secret based on the real life murders of Trevor Buchanan and Lesley Howell.

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