Who is the father of Charmaine’s twins in Virgin River?

Viewers had plenty of theories, but not many were correct...

Charmaine in Virgin River
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Charmaine and her twins are causing a lot of trouble in paradise - but is Jack really the father?

Virgin River fans waited patiently for the bubbling chemistry between Jack and Mel to turn into a relationship. The path to romance was never going to be easy, with the baggage Mel was carrying from the loss of her daughter and death of husband Mark. Life was just as difficult for Jack, who appeared to be suffering PTSD from his time in Iraq, and always seems to be sipping from a glass of something strong. Looking like their love might finally inch across the finish line, Charmaine - Jack’s occasional girlfriend - dropped the massive curveball that she’s pregnant. Not only is she pregnant, she’s pregnant with twins. Viewers keen for a Mel and Jack happy-ever-after, have speculated the twins aren’t Jacks. And are especially hoping it's not the case, as Mel announced her pregnancy in a shock season 3 finale. 

When season 4 still didn't offer up any answers, all hopes were pinned on the twins finally making an appearance in Virgin River season 5, and the father finally being revealed. With season 5 now well and truly binged, we've rounded up everything from where Virgin River is filmed to what we know about the paternity of Charmaine's babies, and who could be the father. Hint: we now finally know!

Who is the father of Charmaine’s twins? 

Until the season 4 finale, Charmaine led everyone to believe Jack was the father of her twins. However, the big reveal in season 5 was that the father was none other than... Calvin.  

The father was likely to be a character everyone knew, but nobody had guessed it was Calvin - the pair hadn't shared one scene together, and we weren't aware they knew one another. The news came in the season 5 finale, right at the very end.

Viewers had been led to believe Calvin had been blown up in season 4, so when he approaches Charmaine very much alive, she's understandably shocked. "I thought you were dead," she stutters, asking him what she wants. "I want to be a father to my boys," he replies, to audible gasps from around the world - hands up if anyone had Calvin on their "who is the father" bingo card? 

Mike in Virgin River

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Prior to this big reveal, sleuthing fans had been digging among mounting speculation Jack was not the real father. CheatSheet reported they’d uncovered a scoop exposing Mike as the real father of the twins. They suggested that Charmaine’s lack of baby bump indicates she isn’t as far along as she says.

As each new series of Virgin River picks up around 3 - 4 weeks after the end of the previous one, Charmaine would've definitely been showing within that timeline. She has been pregnant since season 1, and in season 3 there was still no sign of a baby bump. This would be unusual, especially when pregnant with twins. Speculation suggests she became pregnant after the split with Jack, but tried to pin the pregnancy on him.

The character of Mike arrived in season 2. He’d never been mentioned before, and seemed to know a lot about Jack and Charmaine’s relationship. He also seemed really surprised when Jack confided in him about the pregnancy - some have said a little too shocked. The theory suggested Charmaine began seeing him after splitting from Jack, and the babies were his. 

Other fans held the shady character Brady responsible for the pregnancy. The Express reported that Brady actor Ben Hollingsworth dropped a hint that his character could be the father. During an interview with Chatting with B, Hollingsworth was asked directly if this was true. 

He initially said that not having shot any scenes with Charmaine actress Lauren Hammersley, would make it difficult for Brady to be the father. However, just because viewers don’t see them together, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. He then teased “But, it could be, I don’t know, we’ll see what’s in store”. 

Fans then jumped on this as an admission Brady would be revealed as the dad - as we've already said, Charmaine didn't shoot any scenes with Calvin, and that definitely didn't stop Calvin being written as the father, meaning the Brady theory could have definitely held weight.

Brady in Virgin River

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Do Jack and Charmaine have twins in the books?

No, Jack and Charmaine do not have twins in the books. The Netflix series has deviated from its source material several times, and the Jack and Charmaine storyline is one example of this.

In Robyn Carr’s book series, the character of Charmaine has a very small role. She is Jack’s girlfriend at the beginning of the first book, and Jack dumps her when Mel arrives and he develops feelings for her. In the books, Charmaine is unfazed by the relationship ending, and leaves Virgin River. In the series, Charmaine’s unrequited love for Jack borders on obsession. 

Speaking to Parade about altering the storyline, Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney said “Charmaine is dealing with unrequited love because she loves Jack, but Jack doesn’t love her. Mel and Jack want to be together, but Mel isn’t ready. 

"So for us in writing this, having Charmaine be pregnant adds to the complications - when you are with somebody, breaking up or getting divorced is one thing, but children are forever”.

However, in book 5 entitled ‘Second Chance Pass’, a very similar storyline to Jack and Charmaine’s takes place - involving different characters. Jack’s fellow Marine friend Paul, has a relationship with widowed Vanessa. Shortly after declaring his feelings for Vanessa - a former girlfriend of Paul’s named Terry - announces she is pregnant with his baby. Eventually, it transpires that Terry’s baby isn’t Paul’s - fans are hoping this is inspiration for Jack and Charmaine’s storyline, and the babies won’t be his. 

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Who is Todd in Virgin River? 

Todd is Charmaine’s fiance in season 3. Season 2 ends with Charmaine raging at Jack for wanting to pursue a relationship with Mel. She makes it clear she will punish him by finding somebody else, who she would use to take his place as father of her unborn babies. 

Season 3 picks up with Charmaine in part carrying out this threat, as she has indeed met somebody else - Todd. Played by Patrick Sabongui, Todd is a personal injury lawyer. He moves rapidly from Charmaine’s boyfriend, to her fiance. The two eventually marry in secret.

Charmaine has never been a popular character in the show, and it appears Todd is equally as unpopular with viewers. Posting to Twitter about the pair, one user wrote “Update: finished Virgin River. I hope everyone has a nice slumber -  besides Charmaine and Todd”. Other users said they “can’t stand” Todd, with one suggesting “throw Todd in a volcano”. 

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How did Charmaine meet Todd?

Charmaine says she met Todd when he was a customer at her hair salon. Charmaine’s salon is in nearby Clear River, and viewers have seen her a handful of times at her place of work. 

However, her first meeting with Todd was not a scene viewers were privy to, it was only suggested by Charmaine later in the series. Whether Charmaine’s feelings for Todd are genuine, or she is still using him to get at Jack for his rejection of her, remains unclear.

Actor Patrick Sabongui who plays Todd, announced his arrival to the show by sharing a picture of himself with co-star Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine) to his Instagram account. He captioned the photo “Hello World. Meet Todd Masry, Charmaine’s new friend”. 

Is Todd abusing Charmaine?

Todd’s behaviour on the show suggests he is abusing Charmaine. He is not physically abusive, but mentally and emotionally abusing her in the form of gaslighting

Presenting an outwardly loving front, Todd is gradually coercing Charmaine to make decisions she would be unlikely to make if he weren’t pulling the strings. He begins with small things, such as encouraging Charmaine to give away the dog Jack gifted her - Charmaine loved the dog, who was a great support when she had hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness).  

Todd later suggests the couple move away from Virgin River, to Eureka. Charmaine has previously toyed with the idea of moving away, but to be closer to family. Moving to Eureka would isolate her from family and friends, meaning she would be dependent on Todd. 

Not only that, Todd is encouraging Charmaine to cut all contact with Jack. Jack has made it clear he wants to be a part of the babies’ lives, despite not wanting to be with Charmaine. He has bought a new house for himself and the children, basing his choice on the property being child friendly with plenty of outdoor space. Cutting him from the children’s lives for no reason, is cruel and controlling of Todd.

Charmaine and Todd in Virgin River

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Virgin River season 4 release date 

Virgin River season 4 arrives on Netflix on July 20, 2022. There will be 12 episodes in total for viewers to watch, each one lasting around 1 hour in length.

There are 3 Netflix packages available to purchase. The cheapest package costs £6.99 per month, and this includes unlimited access to the Netflix catalogue. 

With the basic package, subscribers can only stream from one device at a time. At £10.99 per month, the standard package also includes the entire Netflix catalogue, but allows simultaneous streaming from 2 devices. This package also has shows in HD, and allows downloads to mobile devices. 

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