Where is Boiling Point filmed? Filming locations of the BBC drama

The nail-biting drama is set in a North London restaurant - but where is Boiling Point filmed?

The Boiling Point chefs working behind the pass in the kitchen
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The TV show recreates the pressures of working in a fine dining restaurant, but viewers want to know where Boiling Point is filmed.

Boiling Point has returned to the BBC, with a four-part sequel to the original nail-biting film featuring Stephen Graham. Picking up six months after chef Andy Jones' heart attack, the cast are back in their chef whites as the staff of new restaurant, Point North.

TV fans are keen to find out the answer to similar questions about Boiling Point - from whether it's based on a true story to where scenes from the film were shot. Stephen Graham fans have also asked where Bodies filmed - the stars latest outing on Netflix is in the mind-bending police procedural everyone is talking about. 

Where is Boiling Point filmed?

Boiling Point is filmed in Manchester - despite the series actually being set in Dalston, North London - primarily at Space Studios in Gorton, to the southeast of Manchester city centre. The space has also been used for other major BBC dramas such as Peaky Blinders and Happy Valley.

Other Manchester locations that feature in the drama include back alleys and side streets around the Northern Quarter and Ancoats (in the northeast of the city centre), which double up as streets in London, while a nightclub used during the series is reportedly located in Deansgate, in the heart of the city centre.

A close up of Vinette Robinson in a nightclub in Boiling Point

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Where is the Boiling Point restaurant?

The kitchen used in Boiling Point is not a real restaurant, and these scenes were actually filmed in a studio. 

Shaun Fagan (who stars as Bolton, one of the chefs) said: "When I first saw the set my head fell off. It was so jarring because from the outside it is this massive wooden frame, yet the moment you walk in it's like you've just stepped into a restaurant. Even when we were filming, at the end of a take you’d step off set and forget you were actually in a studio."

However, the original Boiling Point film was shot in a real working kitchen, at a restaurant called Jones & Sons, which is in fact located in Dalston. It is owned by one of director Philip Barantini’s oldest friends, Andy Jones, who Stephen Graham’s character is named after.

Can you visit the Boiling Point restaurant?

Point North is not a real restaurant, so it’s not possible to visit it. However, you can visit Jones & Sons, the restaurant from the 2021 film.

The restaurant is located on Gillett Street, in London, and is open for dinner from 6pm Tuesday to Thursday and for both lunch and dinner Friday to Sunday. The venue is a modern British restaurant, offering small plates and steaks among other delicious dishes.

You can book a table via the Jones & Sons website, which boasts, "Jones & Sons over the weekend is the place to be, with their famous Bottomless Brunch filling up weeks in advance, and their legendary Sunday roast has been featured in the Evening Standard as #7 on their list of the 'Top 25 restaurants for Sunday Lunch', and more recently GQ put us in the top 3 in their 'Sunday Lunch Guide'."

What is Boiling Point about? 

The Boiling Point TV series follows head chef Carly as she tries to make a success of her new restaurant, Point North. It's set six months after the events of the original film, which saw Stephen Graham lead the cast as Andy Jones, a volatile chef who suffered a heart attack in the film’s final scene, after revealing a cocaine and alcohol addiction.

Carly was mentored by Andy in the film, and now she’s opened her own restaurant inspired by northern cuisine, and has poached most of the staff from Jones & Sons to work with her. But after failing to impress potential investors, the restaurant must scramble to cut costs. 

Director Phil Barantini said: "Restaurants work very similarly all over the world. There's the chef, then the hierarchy below but if you go deeper, there is a real mental health crisis across the industry which we’ve tried to show.

"The themes we touch upon are relatable across the globe, alcoholism, addiction, mental health, human beings going through a rough time. We wanted to shine a light on society on those issues and I want the audience to come away from each episode feeling something about themselves, or someone that they know."

How to watch Boiling Point

All four episodes of Boiling Point are now available to watch on BBC iPlayer. In addition, the BBC is airing Boiling Point on BBC One at 9 pm on consecutive Sundays from October 1.  

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