Who is Sandro from Bake Off? Everything to know about the show’s ‘hottest’ contestant

One fan has called him the 'hottest man in the world'

Sandro in the Bake Off tent
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Bake Off fans have a soft spot for one particular contestant - so, who is Sandro?

We all have our favourite member of the Bake Off line-up, and it seems that this year one contestant has turned heads more than most. Since Bake Off first started this year, amateur baker Sandro has received attention not only for his talent in the kitchen, but also for his charm. In fact, one fan on Twitter has branded him as the "hottest man in the world", while another said "Sandro is the hottest contestant we’ve ever seen on Bake Off."

If you're a true Bake Off fan who watches every week to see who's left the tent, the you'll be pleased to hear that we've done some digging and found out everything you need to know about Sandro.

Who is Sandro from Bake Off?

Sandro is 30 years old and originally from Angola, and his full name is Nelsandro Farmhouse. According to his Bake Off profile, Sandro is "passionate about fitness" and has a background in boxing, ballet and breakdancing.

Sandro turned to baking when he was 21, after his father died, using it as a form of therapy. Now, baking is a huge part of his life, he has a YouTube channel, Sandro's Cakery, where he shares baking videos, and runs virtual baking classes for children with autism. The charity Social Ark explained that after working in a school for children with behaviour issues, "he realised that though cake decorating he could connect with the young people, helping them to open up about issues affecting them most," which inspired his cake making workshops.

Sandro has said of his work with the charity: "I am passionate about creative baking and supporting children and young people with special needs to flourish. I’m full of aspirations and really looking forward to the future, being part of Social Ark and wherever my baking journey takes me."

And it looks like Sandro has been a fan of Bake Off for a long time, as in an Instagram post he shared ahead of the most recent series he called the experience "a dream come true".

Is Sandro in a relationship?

Sandro hinted that he is in a relationship in the first episode of this year's Bake Off, paying tribute to his other half with one of his bakes.

He told presenter Matt Lucas, "When I first met my partner, every time we saw each other we'd always give a white rose so I'm making chocolate flower pots." The incredible pots put him at the front of the pack on day one, although he had to wait until week 5's Dessert Week to win Star Baker.

Sandro is yet to share anymore clues as to his relationship status.

Are Sandro and Rebs dating?

Rumours have surfaced that Sandro is dating fellow Bake Off contestant Rebs after the pair posted a series of holiday photos on social media.

In a now deleted tweet, Rebs shared a picture of herself captioned "Thanks for the shirt this morning x @thesandrosbakes." To fuel rumours further, they both liked a tweet from a fan saying, "You two are beautiful! Omg.. You would make gorgeous babies!! I had to say it!" 

However, neither have publicly commented on the rumour, while Reality Titbit claims both Sandro and Rebs have denied that they are anything more than friends.

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Where does Sandro live?

Sandro lives in East London. He was born in Angola, but left the country with his mum when he was two years old, to escape the Angolan war. 

He didn't have an easy time in his youth, and difficulties at school led to him dropping out. It could well be that his own experiences are what led him to his work with children and young people.

What is Sandro's job?

Sandro works as a nanny in London. While he might have a reputation as a gym bunny, it's clear that he has his soft spots, which might just be one of the reason that Bake Off fans love him so much. 

He is passionate about promoting accessible baking for neurodivergent children, something which he has shared on his Instagram. In one post that shows him kneading biscuit dough, he says: "It’s so important incorporate different ways of exploring sensory play, baking is one way to meet sensory needs, improve motor skills, died & engagement.

"I wanted to make this video to explain how to engage with your child or young person when baking."

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