8 of the best baby sleeping bags 2022 – snuggly options for newborns to 18 months

Our pick of the best baby sleeping bags, all tried and tested by parents and their little ones
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  • Choosing the best sleeping bag for your baby won’t only help them sleep, it will help them sleep safely. And safe sleep for babies typically means better sleep for mums and dads.

    A baby sleeping bag can be an important part of the solution to common baby sleep problems, whether you’re looking for the best baby sleeping bag to help your little one get to sleep or shopping around for something to help you tackle sleep regression.

    When deciding on the right sleeping bag for your little one, you need to consider their age and weight, what temperature the room is, the sleeping bag’s TOG rating and what fabric it is made from. To help you make this very important decision, we asked parents with babies aged between seven and 16 months to put our pick of the best baby sleeping bags to the test to see how they fared.

    Best baby sleeping bags 

    Our testers found Snuzpouch’s Cloud Nine Sleeping Bag the best overall in terms of design, comfort and quality of fabric. Considering its mid-range price point, it feels amazing and comes with lots of design extras that you’d usually only see with premium baby sleeping bags.

    1. Best baby sleeping bag overall: Baby Snuzpouch Cloud Nine Sleeping Bag 

    An innovative design, perfect for night-time nappy changes

    Snuzpouch Sleeping bag

    Credit: Snuzpouch

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 2.5 | Suitable from: 6-18m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Unisex print
    ✅ Clever Innovations
    ✅ Pretty print

    VIEW AT SNUZ | £29.95

    This baby sleeping bag has it all: clever design features, a sophisticated print and soft, high-quality cotton. Our tester Darryl couldn’t stop raving about it when she used it on her daughter Cole. ‘Over the years I have used numerous sleeping bags as my babies grow and the seasons change, and this one really has everything a parent or caregiver could want in one small bag.’

    For younger babies, there are poppers around the shoulders and down the body of the bag so you can replicate the snug fit they’re used to in a swaddle. There’s also a handy, curving zip that allows for speedy midnight nappy changes that don’t wake your little one. Our tester described doing this as ‘a cinch’ compared to the usual rigmarole.

    The ‘Cloud Nine’ white and grey print will have wide appeal and works well whatever the shade of your nursery or bedlinen. It also has the bonus of being unisex. This bag feels as good as it looks: 100% cotton is gentle on your baby’s vulnerable skin, and you can tell the quality by its softness.

    Considering the design extras you get with this bag, it’s been exceptionally well priced and definitely raises the bar when it comes to mid-range sleeping bags, which is why we’ve named it the Best Baby Sleeping Bag Overall. ‘The price tag is a little more than what I would consider budget,’ said Darryl but she says you won’t regret spending on this.

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    2. Best premium baby sleeping bag: Superlove Merino Secret Garden Sleeping Bag

    A merino sleeping bag that will last them from newborn till two years

    Superlobve Merino Baby Sleeping Bag

    Credit: Superlove Merino

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 3.5 | Suitable from: 0-24m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Luxury fabric
    ✅ Clever Innovations
    ✅ Wide age range
    ❌ Pricey but an investment buy  


    Merino is renowned for how warm it is, and you can feel the quality of this luxury sleeping bag from your first touch. Soft and smooth, this Superlove Merino bag will keep your baby cosy, no matter the weather outside or how draughty it gets inside. ‘This bag was so effective at keeping my little one toasty, I was able to turn off the extra radiator I have in her room,’ said our tester Charlotte Clarke. ‘Even Adelaide’s hands were warm after she’d snuggled up in this for an hour’s nap.’

    Not only does this sleeping bag feel good; it looks lovely too with a dark green floral print that has a stylish, vintage feel and is a bit of a departure from the usual pattern you find on baby sleeping products.

    Thanks to a plethora of design features, such as an adjustable length and arm holes, this sleeping bag has been created to last from newborn through to two years. It also has a hole through which you can fasten a pushchair belt so you can keep them snug even on those long, wintry walks.

    This Superlove Merino Sleeping Bag has been named the Best Premium Baby Sleeping Bag for the fineness of the luxury merino wool and the clever extras that it comes with. ‘I’d recommend this to my friends and say not to be put off by the high price point,’ said Charlotte. ‘It’s a large initial outlay but then you’ve got a sleeping bag for two years that is just the most amazing quality.’

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    3. Best budget baby sleeping bag: JoJo Maman Bébé Zebra Print Sleeping Bag

    A lightweight baby sleeping bag with a jazzy unisex print

    Jojo Maman Bebe Sleeping Bag

    Credit: Jojo Maman Bebe

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 1 | Suitable from: 6-18m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Unisex print
    ✅ Affordable
    ✅ Good summer option
    ❌ Unsuitable for very cold weather 


    Jojo Maman Bébé’s Zebra Print Baby Sleeping Bag has the most vibrant design on our list. Babies are attracted to the zesty colour and sweet zebra print with our tester saying that her baby noticed it straight away. ‘I have a friend who loves bright colours and fun prints for her baby, so I’ve suggested this bag to her as a lot of other bags have much more subtle and pared back designs.’ Our reviewer Hollie also liked the fact that the bag was unisex: ‘It would make a lovely present at a baby shower for someone who’s not finding out the sex of their baby or simply for parents who don’t want to go down the pink or blue route.’ The bag is fitted so that it’s narrower at the top but flares out at the bottom, allowing babies space to kick their legs and move around freely.

    The bag is best used in the summer or in a home that has the heating up high as it’s only 1.5 TOG. ‘My Victorian cottage isn’t warm enough in autumn or winter to use this bag overnight, so I just used it for Margot’s day naps when I could control the warmth of the room. She was quite happy in it though and slept soundly for the duration of her nap,’ said Hollie.

    This bag has been named Best Budget Baby Sleeping Bag as it is good quality and has a classic design at an affordable price. It doesn’t have clever openings and features like more premium products but those come with a higher price tag.

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    4. The Little Green Sheep Organic Baby Sleeping Bag

    An organic linen-cotton sleeping bag that keeps your baby snug

    Little Green Sheep Sleeping bag

    Credit: Little Green Sheep

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 2.5 | Suitable from: 6-18m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Environmentally friendly
    ✅ Unisex print
    ✅ Adjustable arm holes
    ❌ Colour isn’t for everyone
    ❌ Pricey but an investment buy


    This sleeping bag from The Little Green Sheep uses all organic and natural fabrics. It’s made from a breathable linen-cotton blend which has been quilted for a snug, cosy feel. Our tester Darryl was a huge fan of the under-arm poppers which allow you to fit the bag perfectly to your baby’s body. ‘It’s a feature I believe makes for a super sound night’s sleep,’ she said. There are also poppers on the shoulders so you can easily slip your baby in and out. ‘The shoulder poppers are nice and wide, so you don’t have to grope around trying to find the front and back to pop together – really handy if you’re taking baby out of it in the middle of the night,’ said Darryl.

    This sleeping bag comes in a neutral honey shade which would look lovely and warm in a nursery with a neutral colour scheme but out of place in one that was pink. Darryl admitted she didn’t like how the sleeping bag looked and felt (‘more rough than fluff’) at first but after using the sleeping bag a few times, realised that you shouldn’t be swung by first impressions. ‘A lot of my NCT friends are pregnant or have recently welcomed their second, and I’ve recommended this bag for the new bubbas,’ she said.

    This is a premium sleeping bag but makes a nice gift for someone who likes a neutral colour palette or doesn’t know the gender of their baby.

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    5. Baby Mori Clever Sleeping Bag

    Made from organic cotton, this luxurious sleeping bag comes with lots of innovative extras.

    Baby Mori Clever Sleeping Bag

    Credit: Baby Mori

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 2.5 | Suitable from: 0-24m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Environmentally friendly
    ✅ Innovative design
    ✅ Wide age range
    ❌ Pricey but an investment buy

    VIEW AT BABY MORI | £69.50

    The Baby Mori Clever Sleeping Bag looks and feels luxurious. The two-tone design comes in a range of colours but we tested the pink which was delicate in shade and very subtle. Our tester thought the quality of the cotton was amazing and was pleased that it was organic and environmentally friendly. ‘As a mother I find I worry quite a lot about the impact I’m having on the planet with so many nappies and all the plastic toys we have, so knowing that this sleeping bag is made from sustainably sourced organic cotton and the company’s manufacturing methods are environmentally conscious just made this sleeping bag even better in my mind,’ Hollie said.

    As the name suggests, this bag comes with lots of added extras which you don’t find on lots of other sleeping bags. These include adjustable length and arms, meaning that it will grow with your child and a hole for a pushchair belt. ‘I’ve never thought to use a sleeping bag in a pushchair for a daytime nap, but it really makes sense in the winter or when you’re travelling somewhere and want your baby to be cosy enough for a long sleep,’ said Hollie. ‘Because she was in her useful sleeping bag that she associates with her nighttime sleep she went down to sleep in the buggy like a dream without even needing to be rocked or walked around.’

    While the product might be on the pricey side, Hollie said she thought it was worth it. ‘I have recommended it to a couple of friends with new babies as I think the fact it lasts from 9lbs up until two years is brilliant and it’s such a lovely quality product to put your baby in to sleep.’

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    6. The White Company Pink Cloud Sleeping Bag

    100% organic cotton, a classic design and a little bit of luxury.

    The Little White Company

    Credit: The Little White Company

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 1 | Suitable from: 6-18m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Environmentally friendly
    ✅ Luxury fabric
    ✅ Washes well
    ❌ Pricey but an investment buy


    The Little White Company Pink Cloud Sleeping Bag creates the perfect mood for getting your little one down at night. While it doesn’t have any particularly hi-tech extras, this sleeping bag is all about the quality of the fabric; it’s made from 100% organic and sustainable cotton, making it soft on a baby’s vulnerable skin. Our tester Darryl said she loved cuddling up with her little one while she wore it because it was ‘super soft to touch for baby and mummy.’ This helps a baby to relax, gently easing them into a deep sleep.

    As you’d expect from a Little White Company product, this baby sleeping bag comes with an adorable print – pink and white, fluffy clouds – that will look lovely in your baby’s nursery.  ‘It’s soft and silky, it moves beautifully, it looks pretty, and it washes well,’ said our tester Darryl, who noted that there was no bobbling when it came out of the machine. The sleeping bag’s design isn’t complicated and it’s easy to use with a double zip for quick night-time nappy changes.

    While its price tag is on the high side, Darryl said it’s definitely worth the extra – whether you’re buying it for your baby or as a gift. ‘This is a luxury buy, costing two times what some other sleeping bags retail for, but if you’re prepared to spend the money, you’ll be rewarded.’ As it uses such high-quality cotton and washes so well, you’ll be able to pass this on to future siblings or friends’ babies once you’ve finished with it.

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    7. The Original Grobag Ollie the Owl Sleepbag

    A great all-rounder, mid-range sleeping bag

    Grobag Sleeping Bag

    Credit: Grobag

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 2.5 | Suitable from: 6-18m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Soft, cosy fabric
    ✅ Unisex print
    ✅ A great starter sleeping bag


    The Original Grobag Ollie The Owl Sleeping Bag is a great starter sleeping bag for young babies moving on from swaddling. Its design differs from many others on the market as it is secure and cosy around the chest and has a diagonal zip which ends under the chin. Also, there aren’t any poppers. ‘One of my favourite features of this bag is the shape,’ said our tester Hollie who initially had misgivings about the unusual zip design and lack of popper fastenings.

    The bag is warm, cosy and made from a fleecy 100% cotton. ‘I found that at 2.5 tog it kept her extremely toasty, which is something I really look for in a sleeping bag as we live in a fairly old house,’ said our tester Hollie. There’s plenty of room for growth as the bag is generous in length and Hollie thought it would last Margot well past 18 months, making it a great option for any parents with particularly tall babies.

    It has a sweet design and babies can play with the owl’s applique ears and feet which stick out. With a neutral grey colour, it’s great for those who love unisex designs and it’s easy to match to just about any nursery colour scheme.

    With a mid-range price point, this is the perfect all-rounder sleeping bag for those who want quality but aren’t interested in premium fabrics or added extras.

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    8. Aden and Anais Now & Zen Sleeping Bag

    This luxury muslin sleeping bag makes a fantastic summer option

    Aden and Anais Sleeping Bag

    Credit: Aden & Anais

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | TOG: 1 | Suitable from: 6-18m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Luxury fabric
    ✅ Unisex print
    Good summer option
    ❌ Pricey but an investment buy
    Not suitable for cold temperatures

    VIEW AT ADEN & ANAIS £39.95

    Aden & Anais’ Now & Zen Sleeping Bag is the perfect solution for what to put your baby in once temperatures start to soar. It’s often harder to cool things down and get your baby to sleep in the summer than it is to warm them up in the winter, and this sleeping bag offers a ‘light-touch’ bedding option when everything else is too bulky. ‘I often put Adelaide to bed in just a nappy when it gets really hot, so I need some sort of covering for her still,’ said our reviewer Charlotte. ‘The muslin on this sleeping bag is light and breathable so I felt really confident that she wouldn’t overheat in it.’

    Parents will approve of the tasteful grey koala print while babies will love how soft the muslin feels. This is especially important as it’s likely they will be wearing very little or even just a nappy underneath. The design of this sleeping bag is relatively standard with a single central zip but you’re paying for the softness and quality of the 100% cotton muslin rather than clever extras. ‘If you’re off somewhere hot on holiday, don’t fly off without this sleeping bag. You won’t regret it,’ said Charlotte.

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    How to choose the best baby sleeping bag for you

    Baby sleeping bags are used from between three and six months until babies are around 18 months and can transition to having a duvet. Sleeping bags have many benefits: they are a simple way of allowing a baby to stay at a constant temperature; they can’t be kicked off or get tangled up in like a blanket, but they also allow a baby to have some freedom of movement, unlike a swaddle. There’s the added bonus that, should you need to feed your baby or transport them somewhere at night, you don’t need to take them out of their sleeping bag but can simply carry them in it.

    It’s important that you always choose a sleeping bag that’s made of a breathable fabric, such as cotton, muslin, bamboo or merino. Avoid manmade fabrics that might make your baby overheat. In terms of size, use your baby’s age and weight as a guide. ‘When looking for a good fit, check arm holes are snug so baby can’t get their hands inside. Most good baby bags come with additional fasteners so the sleeping bags can grow with them. Neck holes should be comfortable so they don’t rub but snug enough that baby can’t get their head inside, as this can be a safe sleep hazard,’ say Cat Cubie and Sarah Carpenter of The Sleep Mums. ‘Think practical rather than (just!) pretty. There are lots of cute designs out there, but do they fulfil your needs? Make sure it fits your baby now but seek out ones that can also grow with your baby for longevity. We really love sleeping bags with zips, not only are they better to keep baby in, they’re usually easier for tired parents too!’

    When should you start putting a baby in a sleeping bag?

    This is determined by the size of your baby but usually happens between three and six months when they start to move around more in their cot and feel restricted in a swaddle. ‘I would recommend that parents begin the transition to a sleeping bag around eight weeks by introducing a half swaddle (under your baby’s arms) to fully prepare your baby to sleeping in a sleeping bag around three months. The half swaddle will help your baby once the startle reflex disappears around twelve weeks,” says Vickie Bowles of The Baby Academy. You may have a few disturbed nights, but your baby will quickly get used to the new sleeping arrangements and being put in her sleeping bag will even signal to them that it is night-time.

    What TOG should a baby sleeping bag be?

    When choosing a TOG, the temperature of the room they are sleeping in should be your main guide. It’s worth investing in a room thermometer or Groegg to determine this as it can vary from day to day and whether you have the central heating turned up high.

    You always need to check that your baby isn’t too hot (do this by feeling their neck) or too cold (check their hands) but the below is a good guide.

    Room under 14 degrees: Use a 3.5 TOG, with a cotton bodysuit and sleepsuit.
    Room under 16 degrees: Use a 2.5 TOG bag with a cotton bodysuit and sleepsuit.
    Room at 17-21 degrees: Use a 2.5 TOG with a cotton bodysuit.
    Room at 22 to 25 degrees: Use a lightweight 1.5 TOG with a cotton bodysuit.
    Room above 25 degrees: Use a 0.5 TOG sheet or muslin bag and a short-sleeved bodysuit.

    The two extremes are unusual in the UK so it’s likely that you will need a 2.5 TOG bag in the winter and a 1.5 TOG in the summer.

    Are baby sleeping bags safe?

    Sleeping bags are very safe as they help a baby maintain a constant temperature, therefore helping prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). A sleeping bag should comply to British Safety Standards (BS 8510:2009) and you should always check it the first time you use it and periodically thereafter. Make sure that the seams don’t have any sharp edges, that the zips are secure and there are no attachments such as buttons that could fall off and they could choke on. ‘It is recommended that you avoid buying a sleeping bag with arms or a hood as there is a serious risk of your baby overheating,’ adds Vickie.

    Best baby sleeping bags at-a-glance:

    Best baby sleeping bag overall: Baby Snuzpouch Cloud Nine Sleeping Bag – Snuz | £29.95
    Best premium baby sleeping bag: Superlove Merino Secret Garden Sleeping Bag Superlove Merino | £82.00
    Best budget baby sleeping bag: Zebra Print Sleeping Bag – Jojo Maman Bebe | £26.00
    The Little Green Sheep Organic Baby Sleeping Bag The Little Green Sheep | £39.95
    Baby Mori Clever Sleeping Bag – Baby Mori | £69.50
    The White Company Pink Cloud Sleeping BagThe White Company | £30.00
    The Original Grobag Ollie the Owl Sleepbag – Tommee Tippee | £25.49
    Aden & Anais Now & Zen Baby Sleeping Bag Aden & Anais | £29.95