Bluey Season 3: where to watch and who are the Bluey characters?

Bluey season 3 has all the characters every ep is fun for kids AND adults

Bluey Season 3 watched by mum and child
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Bluey Season 3 is here! This show is a hidden gem in the kids' TV world, if you don’t know about it keep reading. If you know about it, keep reading to find out where you can catch up on season 3 and be ready for the next season.

Keeping toddlers entertained and finding things to do with kids (that isn't always a day out in London) can be an all-consuming job, so parents will turn to a screen, and there’s no judgment here. 

Created by Joe Brumm, Bluey is an Australian cartoon, aimed at toddlers and children younger than 5 but loved by all. Studies show that a kid’s attention span is usually double their age, so if they’re 3 you can keep them engaged for about 6 minutes. This is why the 7-minute episodes of Bluey have kids completely committed. Plus sleep-deprived parents can easily tune in. 

Mum-of-one, Jess tells us; "I don't know who's more excited that Disney+ finally has Bluey Season 3 - me or my four-year-old!" Bluey, the title character, and her sister Bingo spend their days with mum and dad, playing games, going to the park or library, solving problems, and just really loving life and learning lessons. Like the time dad was a bit too rough when he was playing with Bingo and she had to learn to use her voice with the help of mum. 

Sometimes, stories are imaginative and amazing, like when Bluey dreams of being a bat. Other times, we see how a simple game - like the magic freezing piano - between kids and their parents plays out. The best episodes are where the lessons are for the grown-ups. 

 Bluey Season 3: where to watch

Bluey was airing on Cbeebies but has now found a home on streaming, with season 3 of the adventurous Blue Heeler pup and her family set to air on Disney+. There will be 25 brand new seven-minute episodes. 

And, if you don’t have Disney Plus or have been 'umming and ahhing' over whether to get it, we have an article that may help; 12 ways to save money on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus TV streaming services

The Independent reports that season 3 was released onto the platform in two parts and the first became available on Wednesday, August 10th 2022, making 25 new episodes ready to stream whenever you like. With another 25 making their way onto Disney Plus soon, we’re sure. A release date for the second half of the season is yet to be confirmed, though we think it will be available in the UK sometime later in 2022.

Bluey characters

Many parents question whether the lead character is a girl; yes Bluey is a girl. It's generally assumed that Bluey is a boy because she is blue, like her dad. Whereas her sister, Bingo, is reddish-brown like their mum.  This show subtly chipps away at an outdated stereotype that 'boy colours' are needed to identify gender.

There are lots of characters who come and go in Bluey, each serves their lovable purpose perfectly at the time. 

Bluey - A 6-year-old Blue Heeler pup with an amazing imagination and a love of play. Bluey loves to invent games and get all her friends and family involved as she decides characters or game rules. It seems like her go-to for make-believe play is her dad, he is up for almost anything. Bluey is adventurous, and playful and loves to pretend that she’s a grown-up too. 

Bingo - At 4 years old, Bingo is Bluey’s younger sister. She takes after mum a bit more as she’s a Red Heeler. Bingo is a little more reserved than Bluey, she’s gentle and takes her time before getting stuck into anything. She’s more likely to be a nurse than the doctor in any of the games. Bingo is quietly playful and curious, she loves getting lost in her own thoughts. 

Animated Bluey and her family

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Bandit - Bingos’ dad is a very tired archaeologist - digging up bones is his day job. He’s a Blue Heeler like Bingo and he is always trying to juggle being a playful dad with working, sleeping, and looking after the house. He can sometimes be a bit too boisterous and Bluey and Bingo have to practice using their words to tell him to calm down. 

Mum-of-two, Jasmine tells us; "Bandit is the best dad on television. When he plays with his girls he really commits to the game and never breaks character. He's cute with the mum and very in tune with his daughters. And just to keep it real he's always moaning that he'd rather be watching the cricket. Similar to my husband and the footie."

Chilli - Looks like a bigger version of Bingo, this Red Heeler is a devoted and eagle-eyed mum. She’s recently returned to the world of work at Airport Security and, like Dad, juggles this with looking after Bingo and Bluey. She’s funny and always spots when the kids are having a tough time and supports them through it.

Muffin - A strong-minded cousin, who always has something to say.

Rusty - Bluey’s friend from the bush, he’s fearless and already rides a motorbike.

Jack - Best friends with Rusty. Jack is full of beans and always on the go.

Lucky - Fidgety next-door-neighbour, who usually makes an appearance and is always up for an adventure.

Mackenzie - A lovable New Zealander who is quick-witted and up for fun.

Indy - A lover of the world, and super imaginative.

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