Colourful & attractive? The Rainbow Cloud Walker is a great plastic-free option

This aesthetically pleasing walker has colourful blocks that help develop their fine motor skills and balance unsteady little ones

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This wooden walker is a well-made piece of kit, filled with colourful wooden toys that steady everything, and mean babies who aren't quite ready for walking can sit and play. While it's not as hi-tech as many on the market, it's a classic toy that's visually appealing and helps develop babies' fine motor skills as well as their walking.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Plastic free

  • +


  • +

    Adjustable wheel speed

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Wooden frame easily damaged

  • -

    Blocks transfer colour

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We tested the Rainbow Cloud Walker by Le Toy Van to see how appealing it was as a walker to both parents and babies. 

This is a bright, colourful wooden toy is filled with wooden bricks that can be taken out and played with or, alternatively, used to steady and weigh down the walker. It's an aesthetically pleasing toy that will appeal to style-conscious parents, but there's plenty for babies too. They'll love the interactive element of this walker, taking the bricks in and out, and then using them to build towers, helping their imaginations and fine motor skills flourish. 

If you're looking for the best baby walker, the Rainbow Cloud Walker is a serious contender. However, for more interactive features, you might prefer the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker, which we named our Best Buy.

Reviewed by
Reviewed by
Grace Holliday

For this review, asked Grace Holliday, one of our parent testers, to try out the Rainbow Cloud Walker by Le Toy Van for two weeks with her 11-month daughter. 

Both mother and baby loved the bright, colourful look of the Rainbow Cloud Walker: "It's fantastic for her motor skills, the variety of colours means it keeps her engaged, and the different shapes are great for her development too," Grace told Goodto.

Beautiful and engaging toys for babies and young children aren't always easy to come by, especially those that eschew plastic frames or parts entirely. 

The Petilou Wooden Educational Rainbow Cloud Walker Toy, from Le Toy Van, however, ticks all of these boxes and is absolutely lovely to look at too! 

"My 11-month-old daughter beams the first time she sees it," said Grace. 

"As she is still finding her confidence in walking, she gets to work sat down, lifting out every single block, one by one."

Price & availability

The Rainbow Cloud Walker is available to buy from Le Toy Van's own website, as well as retailers such as Amazon and Selfridge's. As you'd expect from a quality, wooden product, it's not a budget buy and retails at between £70-£80. So is it worth its price tag? 

Grace thought so. "It's dual use, as both a walker and a toy, thanks to the building blocks," she said. "Overall, I would definitely recommend this walker; as long as you aren't after something that is going to stay utterly pristine, it should tick all, if your not most, of your boxes." 

The Rainbow Cloud Walker from Le Toy Van

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Design & features

Weighs: 4.07kg | Age: 1-5 years  

Made up of a narrow white wooden frame with four wooden wheels, the central base of the Rainbow Cloud Walker holds 45 multi-coloured blocks of varying shapes and sizes.

This is a colourful piece of kit but it manages to be fun and bright, without being too garish. "There is also the reassurance of non-toxic paints, and sustainable materials for eco-conscious parents," added Grace.  

Grace thought "combining the blocks with the walker was a smart move (if you'll forgive the pun!) on Le Toy Van's part. Not only does it make it a dual-use product, the blocks themselves steady the walker and make it heavier," she said. "It's important to note, however, then even when they are all removed, it does not tip easily."

She found the walker easy to manoeuvre and a neater, smaller size than many others on the market: "I also liked how narrow and compact the walker is; those with less space or narrower hallways and doorways at home needn’t worry about trapped fingers or scuffed paint work! There are also no sharp edges thanks to various curved pieces, including the frame and the cloud design along the top of the tray." 

"It's fantastic for her motor skills, the variety of colours means it keeps her engaged, and the different shapes are great for her development too. She enjoys knocking them together, offering them to me, and of course putting them in her mouth, which thanks to the non-toxic paint I can let her do. I build a few towers for her, which she gleefully knocks down. I know in time she'll love building her own towers- and I'll do my best not to get my revenge!"

There was a little downside that Grace noted: "I do notice that her banging the blocks against the wooden frame and base dints it almost instantly, and there is some colour transfer between blocks, particularly the darker colours against the lighter ones. Of course, this is the nature of wooden toys, and it doesn't affect usability. However, I will be interested to see if it becomes a little tatty quickly. I hope not."

Colourful Rainbow Cloud Walker

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How we tested

  • Tested out the product with a baby for two weeks.
  • Assembled the product, noting how easy this was and how long it took.
  • Made use of all the product's features and tested to see which were genuinely useful, and which were gimmicks. 

Things you won't find on the box

Grace found the Rainbow Cloud Walker relatively simple to put together. "The walker arrived in a compact cardboard box, and, while we had to put it together ourselves, it took no more than 5-10 minutes," she said. "It came with an Allen key for the wheels, and all we needed was a screwdriver for two screws (which were included), to fix the handle in place. None of it was heavy or cumbersome to lift or manoeuvre and one person could put it together no problem."

Once assembled, Grace was pleased with how the walker functioned.  

"There are a number of features that demonstrate a nod towards usability that I really appreciate. On the base there is an outline to guide you in putting the blocks back in place, and another feature I like is the ability to tighten and loosen the wheel screws, in turn making it run faster or slower. As such, setting them to as tight as possible if your baby is still learning to walk, and loosening them once they've found their confidence might be wise!" 

Who's it best for?

Grace thought that the Rainbow Cloud Walker would be best for style-conscious parents who preferred wooden toys to plastic. "Someone looking for a plastic-free walker in a classic, simple design with the bonus of added toys," she said. She would recommend it to friends "given that it's a simple but classic design and does the job with added extras". 

This is also a suitable choice if you aren't a fan of noisy toys - this one offers plenty of  imaginative play without any extra sound effects that could be annoying to those who are sensitive to noise.

Need an alternative?

If you'd prefer a walker with lights and sound, read our review of the Babymoov 5-in1 Progressive Walker, or Vtech's First Steps Walker is a slightly cheaper option and was named the best buy in our best baby walkers guide.

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