Jubilee Street Party - how to throw your own last-minute bash

A street party is the perfect way to celebrate the Queen's 70th year on the throne and the fact that she is the first British monarch to achieve this incredible milestone.

But with only days left to go until the official Platinum Jubilee celebrations take place to celebrate 70 years since the Queen's coronation (opens in new tab), you might be wondering if you've left it a bit late to plan a street party. Good news - it's never too late to organise a knees-up with the neighbours! Here's how to pull off your own Platinum Jubilee (opens in new tab) street party to coincide with the official celebrations taking place from 2nd to 5th June.

How to organise a Platinum Jubilee Street Party

You're late to the fiesta if you're thinking of throwing an official Jubilee street party of the kind that involves closing the road. For that, you'd need to give your local council at least four weeks' notice. Check GOV.UK (opens in new tab) to find out your local council's exact requirements for organising a street party.

1. Arrange a Street Meet

However, when it comes to how to plan a street party, Rob Crump from personalised gift retailer Printster recommends planning a Street Meet instead of a full-scale street party. 'This is essentially a smaller party that takes place on private lands, such as a driveway or front garden, and won’t require the hosts to fill out any forms or seek permission from the council,' he says. 'Street Meets are perfect to celebrate with your close neighbours on a smaller scale, without disrupting the entire road but note that if you intend to alcohol, serve hot food or drink after 11 pm or play loud music, then you are legally required to apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) via the GOV.UK website, which costs £21 and should be applied for at least ten working days before your event.'

Alternatively, if your street meet is more of a last-minute event, you can apply for a 'Late TEN' which requires a notice period of just 5 working days before the event. There's still time... just!

If you're going for a full-scale street party, we love this classy Great British Party Personalised Banner from none other than Carole Middleton's firm Party Pieces - we bet Kate and Wills have theirs up at Anmer Hall ready for the big weekend!

VIEW AT PARTY PIECES | £11.00 (opens in new tab)

2. Keep it simple - and kid-friendly

If that all sounds a bit much, keep it simple and just invite a few friends and neighbours around for a Jubilee tea party. Whether you're planning a garden party or a kitchen disco, schedule the arrangements with your neighbours in mind. It's always a good idea to invite them as a courtesy when you're having a party - especially if there's a chance the music might be loud or things might get messy. Consider starting your celebrations early in the day so that those with small children can join in the fun, without having to hunt for a babysitter on the biggest Bank Holiday (opens in new tab) weekend of the year.

Youngsters will love delivering these digital jubilee party invitations to the guests. You can either print the invitations yourself or send out the digital version by text or email.

VIEW AT ETSY | £4 (opens in new tab)

3. Plan some party games

No matter what age your guests are, party games are sure to help your street party or Jubilee gathering go with a swing. 'A street party is a great way to get to know all your neighbours better, so consider ice-breaker games and activities,' says Rob Crump. 'Consider children of all ages and make sure there are fun activities for them, from face painting to ball games. Other ideas for all ages, that won’t cost a penny, include Charades or Pictionary, or even a friendly game of football between houses.' You could also print personalised face masks (opens in new tab) of your favourite Royals and get together for your own memorable balcony moment.

This digital download Pin the Tongue on the Corgi (opens in new tab) game from Etsy also looks like lots of fun for all ages. It's the classic 'Pin The Tail' party game - with a Platinum Jubilee twist. You just download the files, print the size you need, attach the cute corgi cutout to a cardboard background and then snip out the paper tongues.

VIEW AT ETSY | £1.80 (opens in new tab)

4. Get decorative

You don't have to spend a fortune on decor to make your Jubilee street party or indoor bash go with a swing. Crafty kids could have a go at making some Union Jack bunting - Baker Ross has a brilliant range of Jubilee craft kits (opens in new tab). We particularly like the Royal Crown Kits (opens in new tab) (£6.95 for a pack of three) and the Platinum Jubilee Patchwork Wall Hanging (opens in new tab) (£14.99).

5. Enjoy a feast fit for Royalty


(Image credit: TI Media)

And finally, no celebration is complete without some party food. So why not rustle up some tasty Jubilee cakes and bakes (opens in new tab). to share with your guests. And of course, you'll want some creamy Coronation Chicken (opens in new tab) and a cool glass of Very Berry Pimms (opens in new tab) to wash it all down with.


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