Pandora Cyber Monday deals: AMAZING jewellery offers on bracelets charms and more

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Pandora Cyber Monday deals are amazing this year - with a whopping 20% off on most lines.

Following on from Pandora Black Friday deals, we don't want you to miss out on this one. The discount applies to most of their most popular lines, including the Star Wars and Disney collaborations as well as their famous Pandora Signature collections.

The Pandora Cyber Monday deals means you can get your hands on timeless and classic jewellery for less. And, the Pandora Cyber Monday sale makes it that bit more buy-able. The well-loved jewellery brand is offering fantastic money-saving discounts across their most popular products, from charms and bracelets to earrings and rings.  And we don't want you to miss out! 

Pandora Cyber Monday deals in the UK

Charms: Bag a bargain with up to £35 off charms Bracelets: Save 20% on all stunning sterling-silver bracelets Rings: Wow those you love thanks to 20% discount Earrings: Bag 20% off hoops, studs and party earrings Necklaces: All necklaces and chains 20% off save NOW! Christmas buys: Save on snowflakes, stars, candy canes and more

Christmas is coming, there. We said it.

And what better thing to be investing in on Cyber Monday than jewellery? Especially ahead of the Christmas period. And, especially as Christmas parties are firmly back on our agenda. It's time to get our sparkle on for less.

Best Pandora Cyber Monday Star Wars deals

(SAVE £9) Pandora
Star Wars Chewbacca Charm - £45 £36 (SAVE £9) Pandora
Look at this little guy. Who wouldn't want a little Chewwy on their charm bracelet - he's a favourite.  With design details like a hair pattern and 3D belt this Star Wars Pandora charm is really brought to life and make it an intriguing addition to any look.
(SAVE £9) Pandora
Star Wars Grogu™ & Crib Charm - £45 £36 (SAVE £9) Pandora
Carry the powers of Grogu with you. The Mandalorian character Grogu™ inside a floating crib. Grogu™ is waving and has its signature big ears and black hand-applied enamel eyes. Too cute.
(SAVE £35) Pandora
Star Wars Charm Set - £135 £100 (SAVE £35) Pandora
Nothing says die-hard fan like a trio charm set. Save a whopping £35 when you buy all three; Star Wars™ Grogu™ & Crib Charm, Star Wars™ Han Solo™ & Leia™ Kiss Charm & Star Wars™ Yoda™ Dangle Charm. Or you can break them down into three gifts.
(SAVE £12) Pandora
Star Wars R2-D2 Dangle Charm - £60 £48 (SAVE £12) Pandora
By far one of the best characters of Star Wars. Pandora have captured the beloved robot perfectly with blue red and black hand-applied enamel touches and cubic zirconia stones set in the middle. This little  charm is brought to life with a moving hear and arms.
(SAVE £14) Pandora
Star Wars Snake Chain Clasp Bracelet - £70 £56 (SAVE £14) Pandora
This Pandora Moments Star Wars bracelet is iconic and a must-have for true fans. The barrel-shaped clasp features the famous logo on both sides. It's perfect to collect all of your favourite Star Wars charms.
(SAVE £12) Pandora
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Dangle Charm - £60 £48 (SAVE £12) Pandora
A subtle and stylish nod to your love of the epic and mind-blowing story that is Star Wars. This hand-finished, sterling silver charm comes with a 14k gold-plated tag which reads 'Star Wars' on one side and the famous Han Solo quote; 'Never tell me the odds' on the other.
(SAVE £9) Pandora
Star Wars™ Grogu™ Charm- £45 £36 (SAVE £9) Pandora
Calling all Star Wars fans! THIS is the charm for you. Grogu's are known for being wise. So drink from their well of wisdom as you wear this charm with pride. Hand-finished in sterling silver it's a cute addition to any charm bracelet.

Best Pandora Cyber Monday deals 2021

(SAVE £9) Pandora
Double Heart Split Dangle Charm - £45 £36 (SAVE £9) Pandora
Like the Forever Friends heart necklaces of the 90s this is an adorable gift that keeps on giving. Buy and share between mum and daughter. On the back it says 'in my heart forever'. Remember to see the deal you have to become a member.
(SAVE £9) Pandora
Sparkling Slider Tennis Bracelet - £55 £44 (SAVE £9) Pandora
Simple, chic and oh so beautiful. This rose-hued bracelet is set with cubic zirconia. Buy now and bring the sparkle and style. Remember to see the deal you have to become a member.
(SAVE £20) Pandora
Three Stone Vintage Ring - £100 £80 (SAVE £20) Pandora
This breathtaking 14k rose gold-plated ring is a beautiful bargain. Set with two oval cut green crystals book ending a large oval green centre stone. A statement ring - buy it today before someone else does. Remember to see the deal you have to become a member.
(SAVE £16) Pandora
Harry Potter Spinning Time Turner Pendant - £80 £64 (SAVE £16) Pandora
Any HP fan in your life will love this! The engraving alone is amazing; “I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the Sun";  “My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do.” Remember to see the deal you have to become a member.
(SAVE £7) Pandora
Polished Nan Heart Charm - £35 £28 (SAVE £7) Pandora
A nan is so special. For every 'just because' gift, for every roast dinner, for every sleep over. This charm is so they always remember how important and loved they are. Buy it now, and with the £7 saved take them for a coffee - they'll love it. Remember to see the deal you have to become a member.
(SAVE £15) Pandora
Pandora ME Shooting Star Set - £80 £65 (SAVE £15) Pandora
This electric blue sterling silver band stacks perfectly with the brilliant-cut, cubic zirconia-lined Pave ring - doubling your style! Finding inspiration from the night sky this winter, the Shooting Star Dangle charm adds that little bit of magic... what will you wish for?
(SAVE £15) Pandora
Pandora ME Love Ring Set - £84 £69 (SAVE £15) Pandora
Save £15 on this sterling silver trio. Two rings, one encrusted with 72 brilliant-cut cubic zirconia. They gift that keeps on giving; this can be worn together as seen, or separately as stacker rings.
(SAVE £20) Pandora
Pandora ME Rays of Life Set - £130 £110 (SAVE £20) Pandora
Carry love and happy vibes with this stylish sterling silver chain link bracelet with the Love Word Link. The 14k rose gold-plated double link has “love” in a handwritten script.
(SAVE £15) Pandora
Pandora ME Lucky Horseshoe Ring Set - £84 £69 (SAVE £15) Pandora
Simple and dainty. This sterling silver ring stacks perfectly with the pave ring to create a statement piece. And the hand-finished mini horseshoe dangle charm is encrusted with sparkling stones, adding that perfect shimmer. Style and luck in one. Making it the perfect gift.

Best Pandora gift sets

(SAVE £25) Pandora
Pandora ME Moon Power Earring Set - £100 £75 (SAVE £25) Pandora
These stunning statement earrings are an easy win this Christmas with a great saving! Featuring two of our Pandora ME Pavé Link Earrings and two Pandora ME Moon Power Medallions, this set is stylish and chic to the last.
(SAVE £45) Pandora
Rose Timeless Heart Gift Set - £195 £150 (SAVE £45) Pandora
Pretty, petite and simply stunning. This 14k rose gold plated necklace and earrings will make the perfect gift under the tree this Christmas.
(SAVE £25) Pandora
Circle of Sparkle Gift Set - £135 £110 (SAVE £25) Pandora
We adore this simple and stylish set. Perfect gift from you, to you. Or for that special person in your life who needs to know that they are the full circle for you.
(SAVE £35) Pandora
Sparkling Statement Halo Gift Set - £160 £125 (SAVE £35) Pandora
This breath-taking blue brings the wow-factor will be a stunning addition to any jewellery collection. Plus the stylish simplicity wouldn't look out of place on Kate Middleton at royal engagement.
(SAVE £25) Pandora
Wishbone Stacking Ring Gift Set - £125 £100 (SAVE £25) Pandora
Subtle, sleek and stylish. This trio look great stacked together but are strong enough to sit alone too. The attention to detail in the Princess Wishbone ring is amazing - very regal in it's shape. Its like a mini tiara.
(SAVE £25) Pandora
Sparkling Round and Square Gift Set - £115 £90 (SAVE £25) Pandora
This delicate set really is a modern classic you can bring out again and again. The chain is adjustable making it stunningly stylish and versatile, it's a win-win.
(SAVE £25) Pandora
Timeless Star Bracelet Gift Set - £115 £90 (SAVE £25) Pandora
Timeless is right, this sterling silver hand-finished super sleek bracelet is a perfect start to your charm bracelet life. The delicate flower charm is made from pear shaped stones. Outlined with clear cubic zirconia. And lined with tiny delicate hearts around the outside.
(SAVE £15) Pandora
Sparkling Asymmetric Star Gift Set - £105 £90 (SAVE £15) Pandora
Hand-finished in sterling silver with sparkling clear cubic zirconia, this necklace and earring set has a subtle design and delicate form with utterly unique details. The celestial-themed glittering star duo brings the wow factor to this festive season.
(SAVE £15) Pandora
November Birthstone Bangle Gift Set - £85 £70 (SAVE £15) Pandora
The Scorpio or Sagittarius in your life will love this personal nod to their birth month. Sterling silver and timeless. This bangle is versatile and comes complete with the pretty beaded heart with a honey coloured stone in the centre. This charm can also be worn on any other Pandora necklace or bracelet you may have.

What can we expect in the Pandora Cyber Monday sales?

Site-wide 20% off most of their jewellery lines. Pandora has done Cyber Monday sales in the past and they're not unlike their Black Friday offerings. Like most brands, it tends to be an extension of the deals rather than anything new. 

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday and in 2021, it falls on November 29. Traditionally Cyber Monday was when online retailers took over. Where buyers would move their shopping from in-store shopping to their digital platforms - though maybe not so much anymore.

How many charms can I wear on my Pandora bracelet?

Good news, you can wear between 17 to 22 charms on your Pandora charm bracelet. Though, this depends on the size of the charms you choose, your bracelet length, and how you like the fit of your bracelet. Some like it snug to their wrist, while others prefer a more shaggy chic style with some space between band and wrist.

Image of a Pandora charm bracelet - might be in Pandora Cyber Monday sale - with lots of charms on, on a pink background

Credit: Pandora
(Image credit: Stephanie Lowe)

Buying Pandora charms is a huge go-to every Christmas. There may be some beginners that are just getting into the Pandora charm bracelet hobby and it can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of charms to choose from of various types. And Pandora don’t make choosing these charms easy.

The brand offers a huge variety of charms; there are double dangling, ones with gemstones, two-tone ones with silver threader and gold dangle, ones with pearls, ones with cameos, etc. Before you get carried away, remember that a safety chain will take up the space of two charms.

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