Princess Charlotte and Prince George aren't allowed to sit at the dinner table with their parents for this reason

They'll need to master something before they're able to sit at the grown-ups' table...

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are not allowed to sit at the dinner table with their parents until they master some very important royal protocol.

Every parent knows the pain (and joy) of getting your children all at the dinner (opens in new tab) table at the same time and keeping them there long enough to finish a meal.

Kids like to keep parents on their toes and the more we see of Kate and William's children, the more we realise that they are no exception.

While they looked and acted impeccably at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding, mum Kate had to be close by to ensure there were no tantrums (opens in new tab) and during a family day out for half term Princess Charlotte was treated to a huge strawberry ice cream. (opens in new tab)

But unlike other children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte cannot sit with Kate and William at dinner while at official engagements.

Harpers Bazaar Australia report that the children cannot do so unless they have mastered the 'art of polite conversation'.

While most parents cannot imagine the stress of having their little ones sat away from them, unattended at a big event, Kate and William have no other choice.

Prince Louis is still too little for this to officially apply to but he will not be exempt. It's likely he will not attend official engagements, such as the Trooping of Colour, until he is at least a year old.

Princess Charlotte attended her first Trooping the Colour after her first birthday

Instead of sitting with their parents, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are relegated to the 'kids table' where they can chat to each other in their own without judgement.

If you too were made to sit at a kids table, you'll appreciate how fun this can be for the little royals too...

Although you are not forced to by royal protocol, do you make your children sit away from you at special occasions or if you're hosting a dinner party? We would love to hear your opinions so join the conversation over on our Facebook page!