The best party bag filler ideas for kids

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  • Party bags. Love 'em or hate 'em, party bags getting more competitive by the minute. Here are some party bag filler ideas that won't break the bank, but might last for more than five minutes without being binned.

    Whether you’re a pound shop dash party bag maker or the painstaking, handcrafted kind, one thing that most mums and dads can all agree on is that party bag filler ideas are usually… well, a bit rubbish.

    Of course, you always appreciate the effort so-and-so’s parents have made, and the plastic toys and sweets full of E-numbers are beloved by children of all ages. However, they’re also equally loathed by most adults, mainly because most classic party bag fillers get broken or binned within the week.

    Back in our day, there was nothing wrong with a slice of cake and a balloon, but the kids of today have far higher expectations of the polythene sleeve of treats. So we got to thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have some party bag filler ideas that the recipient can keep and enjoy for a little longer, without feeling like they’re missing out on the usual bells and whistles (oh god, the whistles… )?

    From story books to cups and straws and even one very special present that they can grow themselves, here are 16 cheap party bag filler ideas that won’t break the bank, but might last for more than five minutes, and that the kids will think are brilliant too.

    And don’t forget to share this with all of the parents in the playground – the collective sigh of relief will be audible, trust us!