Easy cake recipes

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  • Easy cake recipes including Mary berry's lemon drizzle cake, basica fairy cakes and a simple Victoria sponge cake recipe.

    Our easy cake recipes to bake at home, including Mary Berry’s lemon drizzle cake, basic fairy cakes and a simple Victoria sponge cake recipe, are just the kind of weekend project we like: super speedy with great results.

    We’ve got for a mix of flavours, because we think there should be freedom of choice when it comes to cake – that much we know is very important. If you’re a fan of fruity treats then you’re in luck, but if you’re more of a chocolate lover then we’ve got you covered too – call us people pleasers.

    To keep our easy cake recipes, well, easy… we’ve made sure none of them contain fancy ingredients or a method as long as your arm, so that you can pretty much whip up any one of them with a few store cupboard staples and a little bit of direction. Homemade cakes taste better and you know exactly what’s in them, so it’s worth making your own – plus, baking is a great way to spend time with your children and we bet it will make you very popular with the rest of the family too.