Chicken wing recipes: 10 delicious ways to serve them

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  • Here are ten of our tastiest chicken wing recipes, so get ready for finger-licking flavours and super crispy skin.

    Perfect for summer, these chicken wing recipes will leave you wondering why you’ve never cooked wings before. They’re packed full of flavour and although they might not be the meatiest part of the chicken, they’re certainly one of the tastiest parts.

    As well as being ideal for sticking in the oven at the last minute, chicken wings are great if you’ve got a BBQ going on. They’re an unexpected addition to the BBQ feast and offer up a change from the burgers and sausages, also being healthier and in many ways, easier to cook.

    But at the end of the day can anything else really beat chicken wings smothered in a sticky glaze? Maybe you prefer the skin super crispy or doused in a spicy sauce? Which ever way you like them, at least one of these 10 chicken wing recipes will make your tummy rumble.

    And what’s even better, is that if you make too many then you can use the leftover chicken as sandwich fillings for the next day. No need to worry about the kids lunch this summer, as chicken wing meat is easy to pull from the bone so you can be sure they’re safe.

    Although we have lots of chicken recipes to choose from, the following ten recipes make chicken wings the star of the show. Once you’ve seen how delicious this humble cut of meat can be, you’ll never overlook it again and will be making them in the kitchen long after the BBQ and summer is over.

    Especially as chicken wings can be a real winter warmer and make perfect party food. In the colder months, you can cook chicken wings under a hot grill or on a griddle pan. You might also want to try frying the wings in oil to brown the skin and then roast them in the oven for 10-15 minutes for a deliciously crisp finish.

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