22 summer Sunday lunch recipes

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  • As the weather gets warmer, there's no doubt that it's out the window with hot roasts and in with more summer Sunday lunch salads and other tasty alternative recipes. 

    This collection of exciting summer Sunday lunch recipes will be sure to put a spring in your step this summer, as they offer a lighter alternative to the roast dinners that we all know and love in the colder months.

    If you love a BBQ then you’re in luck, we’ve got plenty of BBQ ideas to help you fire up the coals as the temperature gets warmer and bring a new style to Sunday lunch. But if you don’t have any outdoor space or don’t have a barbecue, then don’t worry because almost all BBQ recipes can be styled to work in the kitchen.

    Dishes like curry and roast chicken don’t have to be confined to the colder months, when you need them to keep warm. Summer alternatives are available and while you won’t want to eat cold curry unlike roast chicken, something lighter like a chickpea curry could be the perfect treat on a Friday night.

    In fact, roast chicken is one of the specialities on our list. It’s such a versatile meat, ideal if you need something just to go in the oven for a couple of hours while you get on with other things, and can be flavoured to suit your tastes however you like. We particularly favour a recipe for lemon and garlic chicken, as it’s as close to a traditional roast as you’re going to get while offering a fresh twist with the citrus infusion.

    If you’re a great lover of salads in the summer then we’ve got you covered! Salads don’t have to be boring either, by incorporating things like avocado and couscous, you can make sure that they’ll fill you up for the rest of the day while not leaving you unable to move.

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    Take a look at our great summer Sunday lunch recipes…