Cooking with 7-11 year old kids

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  • If your kids are aged between 7-11 years and have taken an interest in cooking then you’ve come to the right place. With our extensive cooking with kids guide, we’re here to tell you exactly why cooking with your child at this age can be heaps of fun for the whole family.

    If you’re a keen cook, is likely that your little helpers will have picked up on a fair few kitchen skills already just from watching you at work, but it’s time to crank it up a notch and get them well on their way to becoming your Assistant Chef! We’ve even rounded up our 10 best recipes to make with 7-11 years old to make your life that little bit easier!

    At this age they can start to read recipes and labels, learn what different cooking utensils do and learn how to use a non-sharp knife as well as other skills.

    New skills and utensils

    Cracking eggs is great fun and this is the perfect age to teach them how. Top tip: It’s easier to crack them on a flat surface like the worktop instead of a sharp one like the side of the bowl. (And don’t forget to show them how to remove the egg shells or that omelette might be very crunchy!). If they’re particularly good at this, they can even learn how to separate yolk from the white.

    Knife skills. It’s hard to set an age for learning how to use a knife but generally speaking, now is about right to teach them how to use a blunt knife, a table knife or a serrated plastic knife. Soft foods are best as you won’t need the knife to be sharp so think soft fruit, boiled eggs, bread, avocado etc.

    Cooking utensils. Showing kids how to use a few cooking utensils is also handy. So many teens go off to uni without ever having worked a can opener, so get your little helpers au fait with kitchen gadgets like these from an early age.

    Creative tasks

    Baking becomes a lot more fun now. They’ve probably already rolled out dough but now they’ll be a little less heavy-handed and you can ask them to find the right consistency. They can also get creative with different shaped cutters to make lots of different biscuits.

    Easy involvement

    Kids this age still love stirring and mixing so even if you’re making a more elaborate dish for dinner, you can still ask them to help you to mix ingredients.

    Where to next?

    Roll up your sleeves and have a browse through our 10 best recipes to make with 7-11 year olds below. Just click on the picture and you’ll find all of our favourite recipes under one roof…

    10 best recipes to make with 7-11 year old kids

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