Aldi is selling a Christmas dinner for two for less than £10

aldi christmas dinner for two
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With Christmas comes a whole lot of cost.

From stocking up the cupboards and fridges for all the family, to buying presents for everyone around (including fighting to get your hands on the best Christmas toys before they sell out), and of course there’s the Christmas dinner.

You try and get your hands on the most show-stopping turkey, all the trimmings then add up and the Christmas dessert is never cheap either.

Luckily, all of our trustee supermarkets have been doing their best to make the holiday more easily affordable for everyone.

Lidl decreased their Christmas vegetable prices, Iceland released a frozen dinner so you can save big bucks on the whole meal, Asda are selling reasonably-priced decadent Christmas desserts.

Cheapest Christmas turkeys on the market

And now always-reliable budget supermarket Aldi is doing what they do best and bringing us the best deals around.

The high-street food store has launched a Christmas dinner in a box – and it costs less than £10!

The 900g meal has enough in it to serve two people, so if you’re having a small Christmas this is the ideal way to get your festive treats in and save on the washing up at the same time.

aldi christmas dinner for two

Credit: Aldi

The hassle-free meal contains everything you need for an easy traditional Christmas dinner, including: British turkey slices, Wiltshire cured ham, Beef dripping Yorkshire puddings made in Yorkshire, British pigs in blankets, British pork stuffing balls, Duck fat roast potatoes, Honey roasted parsnips, Chantenay carrots, Brussels sprouts with bacon lardons, Cranberry sauce and Poultry stock and red wine gravy.

We think the saving grace of the entire meal is that the Brussels sprouts come with bacon lardons to take the taste away (or if you really can’t bear them try Lidl’s Brussels sprouts wine said to make them taste better).

Unfortunately you can’t get the meal online, but it is available in stores across the country and comes in at only £8.99 – an absolute bargain for a whole Christmas meal.

Looks like the dishwasher might get a rest this week…

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