Aldi just launched a white chocolate cream liqueur that tastes just like Milkybar

Aldi Milkybar

Aldi certainly knows how to bring the A-game when it comes to Christmas.

After leaving fans in tears with its 2020 Christmas advert and creating the ultimate festive food hampers, Aldi has added to its already impressive stock of bargain booze with an insanely delicious launch.

Any tipple lover will be partial to a glass of Baileys on the rocks during the festive season and the flavour of the Irish cream liqueur is synonymous with yuletide joy.

Now, Aldi has taken inspiration from the nation's beloved Baileys and made it their own - with a seriously yummy twist.

The BallyCastle White Chocolate Irish Cream has landed in Aldi stores and websites and tastes just like Milkybar according to taste testers. We're already sold!

Aldi White Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Credit: Aldi

The alcoholic treat with flavours of everyone's favourite retro white chocolate bar on the market is sure to fly out of stock quicker than you can say "cheers", thanks to its mind-blowingly affordable price tag of just £6.99.

The creamy beverage is described as 'a light yet luxurious cream liqueur with the classic flavour of cocoa butter and cream' with promises of aromatic vanilla vibes and warming notes of sweet white chocolate.

It's majorly versatile t00 - you can enjoy it poured over ice, blended into cocktails or boozy milkshakes and even added to hot chocolates and coffees to give them a glorious alcoholic edge. As if we needed more excuses to guzzle the stuff...

If creamy tipples aren't you're thing, you'll be pleased to know that Aldi has also launched a line of shimmering gin liqueurs this year.

Aldi gin

Credit: Aldi

With the M&S light up, gold-leaf gin snow globes going down a treat among shoppers, Aldi has joined in on the glittery hype to launch two flavours of their own magical, glistening gin.

As part of The Infusionist Small Batch range, a refreshing Icy Blueberry Gin Liqueur is hitting shelves in the most gorgeous, wintry bottles and tastes of peppermint and sweet blueberries.

There’s also The Infusionist Small Batch Northern Lights Gin Liqueur, boasting decadent flavours of dark fruits, sloe berry and juniper.

We're hitting Aldi ASAP!

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