McDonald's has AXED another beloved breakfast favourite from the menu

Another McDonald's breakfast favourite has been axed!

McDonald's axed breakfast - The American fast food company, McDonalds logo is displayed across a blue sky outside one of its stores on November 23, 2022 in Rugeley, England
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McDonald's has upset fans by axing its Mini Potato Waffles after just months on the breakfast menu.

If you're a lover of McDonald's breakfast offerings, we've got some sad news as the uber-popular McDonald's Mini Potato Waffles have officially been axed from the menu, after just a few months.

The announcement comes after all the new McDonald's Christmas 2022 menu options - like the Big Tasty, Cheese Melt Dippers and the iconic Festive Pie - are also set to leave the menu, following the festive period.

The McDonald's axed breakfast favourite themselves, were introduced to the breakfast menu (which is available every morning from 5 am and finishes at 11 am) in October 2022, with huge success. But sadly after just three months, they're leaving the breakfast menu indefinitely and from this week onwards will no longer be available to order alongside your favourite Breakfast Wrap.

McDonald's has since axed another nine items from its menu.

It's not all bad news, however, as McDonald's has also just announced some brand new tasty options heading to stores this month. They include a new Spicy Chicken Siracha One wrap set to take their place, along with a new vegan burger, a new side - the Garlic Cheesy Bites, plus the return of the Aero McFlurries

Not to mention there are still several tasty brekkie options available, from wraps to the classic Egg McMuffin on the menu - many of which are under 300 calories

Sadly, these additions are bittersweet for some McDonald's fans, with many taking to social media to share their heartbreak over the Mini Potato Waffles, much like they did when the brand axed the breakfast bagel...

One fan tweeted, "McDonald's have now removed the Breakfast Mini Potato Waffle. A travesty."

While another wrote, "McDonald’s taking the potato waffles off the breakfast menu has ruined my life."

There is, of course, still a chance the waffles will make a comeback as McDonald's frequently switches up its menu and has been known to bring back some classic favorites like Grand Big Mac, and even the latest Aero McFlurry, for a limited time.

So keep your eyes peeled for updates on the breakfast Mini Potato Waffles, they might not be gone permanently! 

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