Princess Charlotte and Prince George's favourite foods REVEALED

This is what royal taste buds like...

Princess Charlotte and Prince George's favourite foods have been revealed - have you ever wondered what royal taste buds like?

It's well known that their great-grandmother enjoys a spectacular diet fit for a Queen - which includes rounding off the day with a glass of champers - but what do the young prince and princess like to eat?

Well, thanks to their mum, the Duchess of Cambridge, we now know that the tiny royals are fans of a very popular and delicious cuisine - Italian!

Turns out the royal tots like Italian food

Speaking to a young patient at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London - four-year-old Rafael Chana - during an official visit, Kate said that Charlotte loves pasta.

She made the revelation after Rafa said that he likes olives, to which Kate replied: 'I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well.'

Rafa then told the Duchess that he likes pasta, which led Kate to say: 'Charlotte likes pasta too.'

Candy canes also seem to make Prince George's list of favourite foods

In 2016, during an official visit to Canada, Kate made a similar confession when talking about her eldest son, Prince George.

While speaking to a royal fan, Kate revealed that Prince George is also a fan of not one but two Italian classics - pasta, as well as pizza.

'Kate asked me what I like to do and I told her cooking. She asked me what and I said Italian like pizza and pasta and she said George loves that', the woman said after her interaction with Kate.

The love for Italian seems to run in the family, as a risotto has also been revealed as being one of the royal family's favourite meals.

Chef Enrico Derflingher, the first Italian to work for the royals as a personal chef at Kensington Palace between 1987 and 1990, said that the 'Queen Victoria Risotto' was one of the meals that proved to be most popular.

'The ingredients for the risotto includes Sicilian red shrimps, parmesan, herbs and Italian sparkling wine. The baptism of the dish took place during the first encounter between Ronald Reagan and Michail Gorbachev at the end of the Cold War', Enrico explained.

'I then put my twist on it and served it at important state events at Buckingham Palace and the White House.'

Little Charlotte was also seen enjoying a festive candy cane

Of course Princess Charlotte and Prince George's favourite foods also include candy - but what kid doesn't like a sugary treat? The inseparable duo were seen munching on candy canes after attending Christmas mass with their family.


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