Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deal - best price EVER

The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deal from Amazon is the lowest price we've ever seen

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Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday news!

Stop all the clocks because the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deal is better than ever with a price slash down to just £89. This is the best price we've ever seen on the cult hot chocolate machine.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deals

| £89 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Machine - WAS £109.95 | £89 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Grab The Velvetiser in Grey or Copper plus 10 single-serve hot chocolates AND 2 exclusive ceramic cups for just £79 now from Amazon. 

Dreamt up by Hotel Chocolat but engineered by Dualit, the Velvetiser usually costs at least £99.95.

Not only is it a gorgeous gadget to display in your kitchen; it also makes dreamy, barista-grade whipped hot chocolate in less than three minutes. Honestly, can you imagine anything better than curling up on a wintery day with a soothing mug of velvety homemade hot chocolate? How about not having to leave the house - or even change out of your slippers - whenever you fancy a posh hot chocolate? 

How does it work? Simple. You add Hotel Chocolat chocolate flakes to your choice of milk - vegan milk options work perfectly too - then press the button and let the Velvetiser do its thing. If you're not a fan of milk or want to cut a few calories but satisfy the hot choc craving, you can also use water. But with between 0% and 6% sugar per cup, the Hotel Chocolate drinking chocolate servings already deliver all of the chocolate with less sugar.

Does it work for cold chocolate drinks too? Yup.  Just put less milk in the Velvetiser and pour your Velvetised drink over a glass of ice-cold milk. Yum. 

Can you use any chocolate in a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser?

Hotel Chocolat doesn't advise this - they say it's designed to work with their perfectly measured real chocolate flakes. 

However, our Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe (opens in new tab), has tried other hot chocolate powders in the Velvetiser and tells us they work perfectly too. This makes The Velvetiser a game-changer in terms of price-per-use. Even the powders that are supposed to be made with water turn out delicious in the Velvetiser.

The Hotel Chocolat range of hot chocolates is huge and they bring out new flavours all the time. I’m already a fan of the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. And keen to try the Mince Pie Hot Chocolate and Ginger Hot Chocolate next. Can’t decide which to choose? Go for the selection box of 20 assorted flavour sachets - you could try a new one every other day in December.

I dithered for too long and missed out - several times - on the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deal when it dropped last year and I’ve been regretting it ever since. That's not a mistake I'm going to make this year. 

Is the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser just a milk frother?

No. It's more than a stylish premium milk frother. That type of gadget is designed to froth milk - whereas The Velvetiser whisks the liquid and melts the chocolate at the same time. It's that combo of whisking and melting that makes the drink sooo velvety smooth.

Designed to take up no more space than a kettle - so you can leave it out on the kitchen counter to impress your visitors - The Velvetiser comes in a range of uber-stylish colours. (I’ve got my eye on the classic copper edition.) Also, it comes with a pair of pod cups. These are the perfect shape and size for nestling in the palm of your hand. (I feel all 'hygge' just thinking about it.)

That said, you can add milk without chocolate flakes if you fancy velvety smooth hot milk - perfect for your coffee. 

And if you're more of a coffee person than a hot chocolate drinker, choose from the Latte range of Hotel Chocolat drinking chocolate, made with cacao butter. Or here's something we hadn't thought of - Hotel Chocolat recommend popping a shot of espresso into your freshly velvetised chocolate to make a dreamy mocha. Now we're talking!

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday - last year's deals

Last Black Friday, Currys dropped the price of the Velvetiser to £89.99 while Very offered it for £95.50  with a selection of 10 chocolate pouches and two ceramic pod cups worth £15 thrown in. At Hotel Chocolat, the Velvetiser Black Friday deal saw the price drop to £84.96 with two free limited edition pod cups included plus free delivery. 

But we're confident that this offer from Amazon is the best deal yet. We also know stock sold out very quickly last year so don't hang around if the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Black Friday deal is the one you've been waiting for. 

Here's your chance!

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