Easy breakfast recipes for kids

Do your kids love cooking? Take a look at these easy breakfast recipes for kids including omelette, French toast and boiled egg. We've got plenty of recipes to improve your child's cooking skills whatever their age...

Do your kids love cooking?

Take a look at these simple, easy breakfast recipes that are perfect for kids to cook in the kitchen - including omelettes, French toast (opens in new tab) and boiled eggs.

We've got plenty of recipes to introduce kids into the kitchen and improve their skills. Most of the time, we go straight to baking recipes (opens in new tab) when we think of cooking with kids as everyone loves a chocolaty bite to eat! But introducing them to tasty, nutritious and easy breakfast recipes is a great way to ensure they're eating breakfast everyday and can cook it for themselves, if they need to.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, as we all know. It sets us up for the day and gets us ready for whatever fun activities we all have planned! A good, healthy and filling breakfast will keep little ones fuller for longer and stop any demands for more food early in the day.

These recipes are also the perfect way to treats Mums and Dads on special days like birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day. All these ideas can be made with just some input from a responsible adult when it comes to chopping or boiling. Breakfast in bed? Sorted.

You can teach kids new skills using these recipes are well; from chopping fruits to cooking bacon - and show them all the do's and don'ts of cooking breakfast with our round-up of child-friendly breakfast recipes.

These are our easy breakfast recipes for kids...

Fruit salad

First up, a super easy fruit salad for breakfast is a great way to encourage your kids to eat healthier and start the day off right. This simple salad only takes 15 minutes to rustle up.

Tasks for the kids

  • Chopping, washing and preparing the fruit
  • Cooking ingredients together to make the sauce
  • Putting all the ingredients together
  • Get the recipe: Fruit salad



    Try our classic Porridge (opens in new tab)

    Skill level: Easy

    Porridge is a filling, healthy breakfast that you can whip up in no time at all. It’s a great start to the day with a goof portion of your 5-a-day to give you a boost of energy to keep you going until lunch time.

    Banana bread

    Banana bread is an easy to make recipe that requires minimum input from adults until you put it in the oven. Made it with dried fruits or your choice of nuts for an additional kick of personality, then cover with chocolate spread for a taste of breakfast indulgence.

    Task for the kids

    • Greasing loaf tin
    • Measuring ingredients
    • Whisking
    • Get the recipe: Nutty banana bread

      Breakfast ice lollies

      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      (Image credit: Alamy)

      Whip up some of these breakfast ice lollies the night before you want to serve them. Made with yogurt and fresh fruit, these breakfast lollies make the perfect, healthy treat for kids.

      Tasks for the kids

      • Weighing the ingredients
      • Mixing
      • Making the lollies

      Get the recipe: Breakfast yogurt ice lollies

      Breakfast layers

      easy breakfast ideas

      The kids are going to love these easy to make breakfast layers - perfect if they're bored of the same old same old for breakfast. Made with a classic cereal and plenty of yogurt.

      Tasks for the kids

      • Weighing the ingredients
      • Filling the glasses

      Get the recipe: Toasted oat and yogurt recipe


      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      You can't beat an omelette, especially when the kids make it for you. If your child is not too confident with using a frying pan or the hob, make sure you supervise or take over the oven parts.

      Tasks for the kids

      • Cracking the eggs and whisking before adding to the pan
      • Scrambling the eggs on the pan, with supervision
      • Sprinkling the omelette with cheese and chives
      • Toasting the bread in the toaster
      • Folding the omelette and serving

      Get the recipe: Scrambled omelette


      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      Not only is this a delicious healthy breakfast for the whole family, it's also really easy to make too which means you and your little master chef can rustle up breakfast in no time!

      Tasks for the kids

      • Mixing all the ingredients together
      • Putting all ingredients onto a baking tray
      • Baking in the oven, with supervision
      • Breaking up the granola and serving

      Get the recipe: Granola


      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      Blueberry muffins for breakfast? Oh go on then! These sweet and moreish muffins take 45 mins to rustle up and will keep for a few days too. You can take charge of the oven whilst the kids get mixing!

      Tasks for the kids

      • Lining the muffin tin with paper cases
      • Creaming the butter and sugar together
      • Mixing the rest of the ingredients together
      • Adding the blueberries and spooning the mixture into cases
      • Popping in the oven, with supervision

      Get the recipe: Blueberry muffins


      easy breakfast ideas for kids

      Pancakes are great fun to make with the kids especially when it comes to tossing them in the air! Serve with fresh fruits or a drizzle of honey for breakfast.

      Tasks for the kids

      • Whisking the pancake mixture
      • Pouring it onto a pan
      • Flipping the pancake with supervision
      • Removing the pancake and filling/topping it

      Get the recipe: Blueberry pancakes


      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      This is a sweet and delicious way to start the day. With a mix of fresh strawberries, bananas and yogurt, this smoothie recipe is simple and a great way to get your kids learning about food processors/blenders too!

      Tasks for the kids

      • Preparing the fruit; washing and chopping, with supervision
      • Mixing the ingredients together with a food processor
      • Pouring smoothie into a tall glass and decorating with strawberries

      Get the recipe: Strawberry smoothie

      French Toast

      This is a classic American-style recipe would be perfect as a weekend

      treat and the kids can do most of the hard work too - all you have to do

      is supervise the frying. Just make sure none of that raw

      eggs goes into their mouths!

      Tasks for the kids

      • Whisking the eggs
      • Dipping the bread and leaving it to soak
      • Frying the bread, with supervision
      • Cutting each slice of bread, with supervision
      • Slicing the banana
      • Topping with maple syrup and banana

      Get the recipe: French toast with maple syrup and banana

      Boiled Eggs

      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      Knowing how to boil an egg is an important skill in life so why not

      teach your child now? This recipe, which comes with a handy step-by-step

      video, has a healthy twist with the asparagus spears but you can swap

      them for bread instead if you'd prefer.

      Tasks for the kids

      • Cooking the egg and bread
      • Putting the egg in a cup and cracking
      • Seasoning and finishing with Parmesan cheese

      Get the recipe: Boiled egg


      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      Croissants are much easier to make than you may think - use ready-made croissant dough and you could even be extra cheeky and use ready-made apple filling! All you have to do is be on oven guard - simple!

      Tasks for the kids

      • Mixing the filling ingredients together
      • Rolling out the pastry
      • Filling and folding the pastry
      • Popping the croissants in the oven, with supervision
      • Mixing all the ingredients together to make the icing

      Get the recipe: Quick apple croissants

      Beans on toast

      easy breakfast recipes for kids

      Beans on toast anyone? This posh version of beans on toast will make the kids feel like they're putting in a lot of hard work to make it and will leave them feeling very proud - especially as it tastes so good!

      Tasks for the kids

      • Frying the bacon, with supervision
      • Cutting the onion and garlic, with supervision
      • Mixing all the spices together with the baked beans
      • Toasting the bread

      Get the recipe: Smoky beans with bacon on toast

      Weetabix cake

      A naughty weekend treat of course! Whip up a breakfast cake with the kids. They'll love making it and eating it too.

      Task for the kids

      • Greasing loaf tin
      • Measuring ingredients
      • Whisking
      • Crushing Weetabix

      Get the recipe: Weetabix cake

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