Easy breakfast recipes for kids

We've got plenty of recipes to improve your child's cooking skills whatever their age...
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  • Do your kids love cooking?

    Take a look at these simple, easy breakfast recipes that are perfect for kids to cook in the kitchen – including omelettes, French toast and boiled eggs.

    We’ve got plenty of recipes to introduce kids into the kitchen and improve their skills. Most of the time, we go straight to baking recipes when we think of cooking with kids as everyone loves a chocolaty bite to eat! But introducing them to tasty, nutritious and easy breakfast recipes is a great way to ensure they’re eating breakfast everyday and can cook it for themselves, if they need to.

    Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, as we all know. It sets us up for the day and gets us ready for whatever fun activities we all have planned! A good, healthy and filling breakfast will keep little ones fuller for longer and stop any demands for more food early in the day.

    These recipes are also the perfect way to treats Mums and Dads on special days like birthdays, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. All these ideas can be made with just some input from a responsible adult when it comes to chopping or boiling. Breakfast in bed? Sorted.

    You can teach kids new skills using these recipes are well; from chopping fruits to cooking bacon – and show them all the do’s and don’ts of cooking breakfast with our round-up of child-friendly breakfast recipes.

    These are our easy breakfast recipes for kids…