14 easy Mother’s Day biscuits

Here are our best Mother’s Day biscuits…
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  • Our collection of Mother's Day biscuits vary from simple chocolate biscuits to more intricate, fondant topped vanilla cookies.

    We’ve got lots of easy Mother’s Day biscuits for you to make at home including double chocolate cookies, flower and Nutella biscuits too.

    Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to bake mum something. Whether it’s a Mother’s Day cake or a batch of freshly baked biscuits, making something from scratch is a great way to show your appreciation.

    Not only are biscuits simple to make, but you can also make a lot of biscuits in one batch, when stored correctly they can last up to 5 days and they can also be adapted to suit a variety of different tastes and preferences.

    From macarons to Millionaire shortbread, have a browse through our delicious collection of Mother’s Day biscuits. We’d recommend our homemade, classic Custard Creams pictured above. With a light custard flavour, these golden biscuits have a strong snap and a creamy center.

    Here are some more of our favourite Mother’s Day biscuits…

    Easy Mother’s Day biscuits

    1. Edible flower biscuits

    These delicate biscuits are infused with lemon, camomile, and vanilla. Decorated with sweet royal icing sugar and topped with a mix of fresh edible petals these biscuits are a fancy treat for mum this Mother’s Day.

    Get the recipe: Edible flower biscuits

    2. Dark chocolate ginger biscuits

    Dark chocolate ginger biscuits

    These rich dark chocolate biscuits have a punch of ginger flavour in each bite. This recipe makes 12 biscuits – perfect for sharing. Finish with more chocolate and serve.

    Get the recipe: Dark chocolate ginger biscuits

    3. Iced heart biscuits

    Iced heart biscuits


    The ideal biscuits for making with the kids for Mother’s Day, these iced heart biscuits use just three ingredients; butter, sugar, and flour. Use a cookie cutter to get the perfect heart shapes and decorate with writing icing.

    Get the recipe: Iced heart biscuits

    4. Chocolate marshmallow sandwich biscuits

    marshmallow biscuits

    These rich chocolate marshmallow sandwich biscuits are super indulgent. Perfect for any chocolate-loving mums, they’re a real treat on Mother’s Day. Created by infamous Brighton chocolate shop Choccywoccydoodah.

    Get the recipe: Chocolate marshmallow sandwich biscuits

    5. Phil Vickery’s cardamom shortbreads

    Phil Vickery’s cardamom shortbreads

    Give your biscuits an unusual edge with cardamom seeds in this buttery shortbread recipe. The addition of cardamom gives a fragrant flavour and makes these biscuits really moreish – perfect for an adventurous mum. Ready in just over half an hour, these biscuits can be whipped up in no time at all for an afternoon treat.

    Get the recipe: Phil Vickery’s cardamom shortbreads

    6. Basic macarons


    Take your baking skills to the next level with these classic macarons. They’re a little fiddly to make but well worth the effort taking just 15 minutes to bake. These macarons are infused with vanilla and coloured with your choice of food colouring.

    Get the recipe: Basic macarons

    7. Nutella biscuits with malted double chocolate

    Nutella biscuits with malted double chocolate

    Ready in under half hour, these crunchy Nutella biscuits are oozing with a thick chocolate topping. Sprinkle with sea salt to really enhance the flavour. Mum will love them.

    Get the recipe: Nutella biscuits with malted double chocolate

    8. Lemon heart biscuits

    Lemon heart biscuits

    These pretty hearts will show your mum you care on Mother’s Day morning. The fresh citrus lemon flavour makes these biscuits ideal for spring. Have fun with the kids deciding on the colour of the icing and decorations. This recipe makes 40 biscuits.

    Get the recipe: Lemon heart biscuits

    9. Orange shortbread hearts dipped in chocolate

    Orange shortbread

    Prepare these delicious biscuits in just 15 minutes. Each orange zest-infused biscuit is dipped in a rich, dark chocolate coating. Leave to dry and then pop into a box and tie with a ribbon.

    Get the recipe: Orange shortbread hearts dipped in chocolate

    10. Millionaire’s shortbread

    Homemade millionaire's shortbread

    Layers of chocolate, shortbread, and caramel make this millionaire’s shortbread luxurious and rich. Using a jar of readymade caramel makes this recipe easy and will save you time too. These look great when cut into mini cubes and wrapped up in a cellophane bag, tied with some pretty ribbon.

    Get the recipe: Millionaire’s shortbread

    11. ‘I love you Mum’ biscuits

    I love you Mum biscuits

    These biscuits are much easier to make than they may look. Use cookie cutters or a steady hand to cut out mum’s name or a best wishes message. Each biscuit is sandwich together with sticky-sweet strawberry jam.

    Get the recipe: ‘I love you Mum’ biscuits

    12. Flower cookies

    Flower cookies

    Impress mum with these fancy Mother’s Day biscuits. Each vanilla-infused biscuit is cut into a flower shape and decorated using ready-to-roll fondant or royal icing and writing icing. This recipe makes 20 biscuits.

    Get the recipe: Flower cookies

    13. Mum biscuits

    Mum biscuits

    One to make with the kids, these mum biscuits are easily made by rolling small sausage shapes of biscuit dough and shaping them into letters. This recipe makes 18 biscuits and takes just 15 minutes to prep.

    Get the recipe: Mum biscuits

    14. Cheesecake biscuit sandwiches

    Cheesecake biscuit sandwiches

    Each homemade biscuit is sandwiched together with double cream, cream cheese, and white chocolate filling. Smothered in a generous amount of dark chocolate, these biscuits are certainly moreish.

    Get the recipe: Cheesecake biscuit sandwiches

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