19 beautiful Mother's Day cupcakes

Delicious, easy Mother's Day cupcakes you'll want to make loved ones this year...

A roundup of the best Mother's Day cupcakes 2022

We’ve rounded up our best Mother’s Day cupcakes most of which take just 20 minutes to bake.

Cupcakes are a great choice for Mother’s Day. They come in a variety of flavours and can be decorated however you fancy. Often a cupcake recipe makes around 12 cupcakes which is ideal if you’re making them as a gift. You can choose the best-looking cupcakes to give to mum and can keep the rest for yourself.

"If you're looking for inspiring Mother's Day cake ideas, cupcakes are a great place to start. They're a versatile choice and can be adapted to suit a variety of taste buds, dietary requirements and are perfect for all skill levels; from easy beginners to extravagant cake bakers."

Baking cupcakes is a great way to show the mother figure in your life how much you appreciate them this Mother’s Day. We’ve got plenty of variety to choose from too including banana split cupcakes, hot cross bun cupcakes, and pretty spring cupcakes. We’d highly recommend our classic chocolate cupcakes topped with a choice of sweet vanilla or rich chocolate buttercream if you're looking for a simple, yet delicious choice.

Mother's Day cupcakes


It takes just 15 minutes to bake these mouthwatering cupcakes
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1. Banana split cupcakes

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 8-10 | Total time: 1hr

These banana split cupcakes are packed full of bananas, strawberries, and cherries which makes them a delightful treat for Mother's Day. They're lower in fat than most cupcakes you'll find in the shops as they are made with very little sugar and low-calorie chocolate sauce.

Get the recipe: Banana split cupcakes

easter cupcakes: bouquet of flowers cupcakes

The perfect food gift - just pop in a cupcake box and tie with a ribbon

2. Bouquet of flowers cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 1hr 30 mins

Instead of buying mum, a bunch of flowers this Mother's Day treats her to a bunch of cupcakes instead. Make these gorgeous posies of flowers out of icing a couple of days before you need them so they have time to harden and will hold their shape when popped on top of these delicious lemon-flavoured cupcakes.

Get the recipe: Bouquet of flowers cupcakes

Violet cream cupcakes

It takes just 20 mins to prep these little cakes

3. Violet cream cupcakes

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 12 | Total time: 1hr

If your mum used to love old-school sweets like Parma Violets, try making these deliciously floral cupcakes. Decorate with candied violet petals for a pretty finish, these cupcakes are so full of flavour you can let that do most of the talking.

Get the recipe: Violet cream cupcakes

Cupcake bouquet

Make this cupcake bouquet in advance so you've got plenty of time to arrange

4. Cupcake bouquet

Skill level: Med | Makes: 20 | Total time: 1hr 50 mins

With our detailed guide on how to achieve the perfect rose icing, you'll have professional-looking cupcakes in no time at all. With a zesty lemon sponge and show-stopping presentation, this recipe is sure to impress your mum.

Get the recipe: Cupcake bouquet

Spring cupcakes

Give these cupcakes a twist by swapping the strawberries for raspberries instead

5. Strawberry lemon cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 50 mins

The simple decoration topping these spring cupcakes is just the start. The base sponge is a delicious infusion of raspberry sponge topped with a light lemon buttercream for a fruity yet zingy bite.

Get the recipe: Strawberry lemon cupcakes

Mother's Day cupcakes

It takes just 25 minutes to bake these deliciously soft cupcakes

6. Daffodil cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 1hr 10 mins

Take your cupcake decorating skills to the next level with these daffodil cupcakes. This simple step-by-step guide breaks down the recipe into small parts to make it manageable and to make sure you get perfect results. If you master the daffodils quickly you can try other flowers too, like roses or tulips.

Get the recipe: Daffodil cupcakes

Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

Our handy step-by-step guide makes baking these cakes even easier

7. Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 1hr

Get a cupcake and a dessert in one. These summery cupcakes are topped with fresh strawberries, cream cheese frosting, and caramelised biscuit base. We'd recommend using a piping bag to get a professional finish easily.

Get the recipe: Strawberry cheesecake cupcake

Mother's Day cupcakes

It takes just 20 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake these cupcakes

8. Raspberry fairy cakes

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 12 | Total time: 40 mins

Topped with a simple but delicious raspberry icing, these raspberry cupcakes make a great base for any decorating techniques you fancy putting into practice. The cakes are made with almond extract for a fragrant sponge with a difference.

Get the recipe: Raspberry fairy cakes

Triple chocolate cupcakes

This silky chocolate ganache can be used on other cakes and bakes too

9. Triple chocolate cupcakes

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 10 | Total time: 40 mins

These triple chocolate cupcakes are infused with a rich, deep chocolate sponge and finished with a dark chocolate and double cream ganache to make them extra moreish. The perfect Mother’s Day cupcakes.

Get the recipe: Triple chocolate cupcakes with ganache

Hidden heart cupcakes

Try different shapes too such as butterflies, flowers or even a smiley face

10. Hidden heart cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 2hrs

Mum will just love finding a bright red sponge heart inside each cupcake. The rich chocolate sponge is made with plenty of cocoa and a little coffee to intensify the chocolate flavour. Dark chocolate is used in the buttercream too.

Get the recipe: Hidden heart cupcakes

easter cupcakes: hot cross bun cupcakes

This recipe makes 14 cupcakes - ideal for sharing

11. Hot cross bun cupcakes

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 14 | Total time: 45 mins

Not just for Easter, these hot cross bun cupcakes’ sponge mixture is flavoured with light and fragrant spices and sweet dried fruits. If you think your mum would prefer a chocolate version you could always swap the fruit for chocolate chips.

Get the recipe: Hot cross bun cupcakes

Mother's Day cupcakes

This recipe would work just as well with lemon instead of lime

12. Key lime cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 1hr 15 mins

These cupcakes are a great twist on a classic dessert using a citrus-infused sponge, shiny Swiss meringue buttercream and bright sugar decoration. They make a great pudding substitute if you're feeding lots of people.

Get the recipe: Key lime cupcakes

Baileys cupcakes

It takes just 30 minutes to bake these tasty cupcakes

13. Baileys cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 9| Total time: 1hr 25 mins

If your mum likes a little glass of Baileys every now and then, then we think she'll love these delicious cupcakes flavoured with Irish cream. Get two-tone icing easily with this handy tutorial to make sure your bakes look as good as they taste.

Get the recipe: Baileys cupcakes

Flower fairy cakes

It doesn't cost much to make these cupcakes - ideal if you're on a budget

14. Flower fairy cakes

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 12 | Total time: 30 mins

With some ready-to-roll icing, a few fairy cakes, and a little buttercream, you can make these pretty cupcakes covered in spring-like flowers. If your mum likes marzipan you could use that instead of icing for an extra flavour boost.

Get the recipe: Flower fairy cakes

Carrot cake cupcakes

Display these carrot cake cupcakes in a cupcake box with a bright orange ribbon

15. Carrot cake cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 1hr 5 mins

The recipe for these moist carrot cake cupcakes is from the wonderful Primrose Bakery who know a thing or two about getting a bake just right. The classic cream cheese icing is given a refreshing lift from a little orange zest. Perfect Mother’s Day cupcakes.

Get the recipe: Carrot cake cupcakes


These moutwatering black forest cupcakes are perfect for dessert
(Image credit: dr911/Getty Images)

16. Black forest cupcakes

Skill level: Easy | Makes: 12 | Total time: 50 mins

Transform cupcakes into mini desserts with this recipe for black forest cupcakes. With a rich dark chocolate sponge, sweet cherry syrup, and soft Chantilly cream topping, these bakes are almost too delicious. They'll make a fun alternative to pudding for your Sunday lunch on Mother's Day.

Get the recipe: Black forest cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes

It takes just 10 minutes to make these classic red velvet cupcakes

17. Red velvet cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 50 mins

For a striking bake, make these red velvet cupcakes which are concealing a bright red sponge, flavoured with cocoa powder. This recipe also shows you how to make a classic American-style cream cheese frosting that has a wonderful sweet finish with a slightly salty edge.

Get the recipe: Red velvet cupcakes

Marshmallow flower cupcakes

Marshmallows make great edible flowers
(Image credit: TI Media Limited)

18. Marshmallow flower cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 12 | Total time: 48 mins

We love this ingenious decorating idea using mini marshmallows as flower petals to get gorgeous results. Present them on a cake board with piped leaves and stalks to look like a bunch of flowers for an extra special gift.

Get the recipe: Marshmallow flower cupcakes

Strawberry and basil cupcakes

Strawberry and basil make a delicious combination

19. Strawberry and basil cupcakes

Skill level: Med | Makes: 6 | Total time: 1hr 15 mins

If your mum loves strawberries, these gorgeous cupcakes are perfect for her. The airy sponge is scented with fragrant basil for an unusual but delicious base to the smooth buttercream. These beauties are finished with fruity scented sugar and topped with a strawberry so that they look as good as they taste.

Get the recipe: Strawberry and basil cupcakes

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