Best slow cooker chicken recipes

The best slow cookers are the ultimate stress-free saviour in the kitchen. Put yours to good use and have dinner ready as soon as you walk in the door by creating one of our mouth-watering slow cooker chicken dishes.

Why not whip up one of these delicious slow cooker chicken recipes in your trusty slow cooker? For decades, slow cookers have brought relief to busy families juggling many things at once. The pressure of 'what’s for dinner' on busy weeknights can be alleviated with minimal prep, and a ‘throw it all in’ approach. As the ingredients stew low and slow, the flavours have a real opportunity to meld together, making for a super tasty meal.

Choose from succulent pulled chicken to a number of casseroles, curries, stews and even a whole slow-cooked chicken, perfect for Sunday lunch when you fancy a lazy weekend. For times when there’s a chill in the air and only comfort food will suffice, to those busy days when dinner is the last thing on your mind. Slow cooker recipes are great for lunch or dinner, ideal for family meal, and did you know you can even make a cake in one?

So forget slaving away over simmering pots, it’s time to whip up one of these easy slow-cooked chicken recipes.

Slow cooker Asian chicken thighs

Slow cooker Asian chicken thighs

There’s no need to marinade your chicken for this recipe, as the chicken cooks slowly, the flavours penetrate the meat and impart so much flavour.

Get the recipe: Slow cooker Asian chicken thighs

Slow cooker whole chicken curry

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This spicy whole chicken is impressive, and it’s also a fun alternative to your standard Sunday roast.

Get the recipe: Slow cooker whole chicken curry 

Slow cooker cheese chicken bake

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Fun, family friendly and full of flavour! This slow cooker chicken bake is rich and hearty and has a little crispy surprise...

Get the recipe: Slow cooker cheese chicken bake

Slow cooked chicken stew

Slow-cooked chicken stew

This wonderful and comforting chicken stew may take a while to cook, but it sure is worth the wait. Minimal prep in the morning, and you can come home to a delicious chicken dinner.

Get the recipe: Slow cooked chicken stew 

Slow cooked chicken curry

Cooking curries low and slow is really the best way to maximise on flavour. It’s a fact that curries taste better the next day, but this way, they’ll taste just as good the first time around.

Get the recipe: Slow cooked chicken curry

Slow cooked North African chicken

Slow cooked North African chicken

Harissa; a North African spice blend is what flavours this slow cooked dish. You can find this as a dry blend or in a paste.

Get the recipe: Slow cooked North African chicken

Chicken casserole

Low calorie family meals

This will definitely become a family favourite. Super easy and it's budget friendly too, this classic chicken casserole is just perfect for making in your slow cooker. It'll be bursting with flavour and the smell will certainly get the family running to the kitchen table.

Get the recipe: Chicken casserole

French chicken casserole

French chicken casserole

We love French cuisine, and a coq au vin is one of our favourites. We’re recreated a lighter version - though still as good - made with white wine.

Get the recipe: French chicken casserole

Pulled chicken

Good to Pulled Chicken

A great alternative to pulled pork. It’s juicy, sweet and sticky from the bbq sauce and always a crowd pleaser. You can serve it in a bun, on top of a baked potato, or why not try it over crispy corn tortillas with melted cheese for a different take on nachos.

Get the recipe: Pulled chicken

Gary Rhodes chicken and chorizo stew

Its spicy, a little bit smokey, and packed with so much flavour. This recipe from Gary Rhodes can be made in a slow cooker, to simmer and stew until the flavours sing.

Get the recipe: Gary’s chicken and chorizo stew

Italian-style chicken with olives

Italian-style chicken with olives

Take your tastebuds on a trip to Italy with our Mediterranean inspired chicken. This slow-cooked dinner is studded with black olives and bursting with a rich tomato flavour. Don't forget some crusty bread for mopping up!

Get the recipe: Italian-style chicken with olives

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