Martin Lewis issues holiday warning you need to hear

"I say this with a hint of desperation"

Martin Lewis
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Money saving expert Martin Lewis has issued a 'desperate' warning to Brits planning a summer holiday this year, urging everyone to get travel insurance the minute they book their getaway

The guru has made a name for himself by sharing his insightful tips to help people navigate the cost of living crisis, including urging them to avoid doing laundry at peak times and sharing the simple check to help families avoid another bill hike. He has also revealed a handy trick he uses to save money on medication and shared a pretty useful council tax tip that could save you £100.

But while we all want to save on those everyday costs, with summer just around the corner, holidays are calling and that means splurging a little. But while it's all well and good to part with some cash in exchange for the lifelong memories offered by travels, Martin Lewis is urging everyone to make sure they get travel insurance "ASAB" or "As Soon As You Book," to ensure you are covered before you leave the country.

Lewis shared that people often lose out on holiday refunds if they are faced with a serious diagnosis, a redundancy or a bereavement and can't travel because of it, all because they haven't got insurance. Unfortunately, he explains that while these circumstances are upsetting, they will not result in a refund for a pre-booked flight or hotel unless you have travel insurance or had booked the holiday with a free cancellation.

Martin Lewis

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In his newsletter, he wrote, "Summer is nearing. If you've booked a holiday abroad, and don't have travel insurance, do it now, today, do not delay. I admit I say this with a hint of desperation. EVERY summer, my heart sinks after someone asks me a question who'd had 'getting travel insurance' on their to-do list, but didn't prioritise it."

“So let me be blunt. Unless you booked with free cancellation, being ill doesn't give you rights. It's like arguing you can return a tennis racket as faulty because you have a broken arm."

There are many different types of travel insurance, though the general idea is that it allows you to be compensated if you happen to experience any major problems before or while you're travelling abroad. Problems can include situations such as your flights being cancelled, your chosen airline going bust, or you finding yourself in need of paid medical assistance when abroad.

Earlier this year, in his Money Saving Expert newsletter, Martin Lewis drew attention to the same subject, proving just how dedicated he is to drawing attention to this travel insurance issue. 

He wrote emotionally, "Each spring without fail, someone asks me a heartbreaking question. Usually they’ve been diagnosed with cancer or another serious condition that needs long-term treatment, and they won’t be able to go on their summer holiday. Yet the airline won’t refund them – within its rights as the ticket is not faulty.

“I say, ‘That’s what travel insurance is for’. Sometimes though, they tell me they haven’t got round to getting it yet. My heart sinks as I have to tell them there’s no recourse. Half the point of the cover is to protect you if things happen that stop you going, so get it ASAB – As Soon As You Book.”

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