Pear crumble cake recipe

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Serve with lashings of custard for a delicious winter dessert

  • healthy
Preparation Time35 mins
Cooking Time55 mins
Total Time1 hours 30 mins
Cost RangeCheap
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories413 Kcal21%
Sugar28.6 g32%
Fat23.8 g34%
Saturated Fat12.5 g63%

This mouthwatering pear crumble cake is super sweet, buttery, and full of tangy pears.

Perfect with a drizzle of custard, a dollop of ice cream, or on its own for an afternoon treat or late-night pudding, this delicious twist on an apple crumble recipe (opens in new tab) is a must-make for crumble fans. It's especially lovely around Christmas time as the flavour combination of cinnamon, apple, and pear. It's warming, tasty and ideal for the winter seasons. Our recipe takes a little over an hour to make from start to finish and is perfect for sharing.


For the cake:

  • ½ x 385g can sliced apples, drained
  • ½ x 410g can pear quarters, drained
  • 180g caster sugar
  • 180g butter
  • 150g self raising flour
  • 50g ground almonds
  • 3 eggs
  • 1-2 tbsp milk

For the crumble:

  • 60g caster sugar
  • 90g butter
  • 120g self raising flour
  • 2 tsp cinnamon

To serve:

  • 1 x 425g can custard




  1. Preheat the oven 180C/ 350F/Gas4.
  2. Grease and line the base of a 23cm round, deep cake tin.
  3. Cut the apples and pears into slices and toss with ½ the cinnamon and set aside.
  4. Rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  5. Add the remaining cinnamon and sugar; mix well and set aside.
  6. Beat the butter and sugar in a large bowl until pale.
  7. Add the remaining ingredients and beat until combined.
  8. Pour the mixture into the cake tin, place fruit slices on the top and sprinkle with the crumble mixture.
  9. Bake for 50-55 minutes in the middle of the oven until firm and golden.
  10. Cool in the tin before transferring to a wire rack.

Top tips for making pear crumble cake:

Want an especially crumbly crumble? Swap out the caster sugar for a dark Demerara sugar. It will elevate your crumble topping and give it the perfect consistency.

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