Is the Stokke Sleepi set to become as iconic as the Tripp Trapp?

A stylish cot bed from the people behind the famous high chair but does it live up to expectations? We found out...

The Stokke Sleepi cot bed pictured in our tester's baby's nursery
(Image credit: Charlie Bond)
GoodtoKnow Verdict

This chic, Scandi-style cot bed has an unusual oval shape that's truly distinctive. While it has a premium price tag, it can be adjusted as your child grows and is suitable for use up to the age of five (and beyond, as a day bed) meaning you'll save money since you won't need to buy a toddler bed once the cot stage is over.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Unique, stylish

  • +

    High-quality finish and mattress

  • +

    Can be used until age five

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pricey but an investment buy

  • -

    Oval design isn't compact

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The Stokke Sleepi cot bed is a statement piece of baby gear but is it set to become as beloved as the brand's iconic Tripp Trapp highchair? We gave it to a mum tester to see how it fares against other more traditional style cot beds.

Stokke is renowned for its high chairs — the Tripp Trapp has become a design icon, not just in the realm of kids' gear but in furniture in general. With the Sleepi, it's bringing this famous Scandi-style to nursery products with simple, light-coloured wood and a sleek, unfussy design. And if you're looking for the best cotbed to buy for your baby, the Stokke Sleepi is definitely worth adding to your shortlist.

The Sleepi is a great choice if you want a cot that will not only make a statement but also become a talking point. Its unique, oval shape is quite different from anything you'll find elsewhere, plus, there's the added advantage that it can be adapted to sleep a child up to the age of five.

Reviewed by
Reviewed by
Charlie Bond

For this review, asked Charlie Bond, one of our parent testers, to try out the Stokke Sleepi Cotbed for a month with her baby, Seb, 13 months.  Charlie's first impressions were overwhelmingly positive and she loved its unusual design: "It looks great in the nursery and is so different from all the other cots we've seen."

In order to accommodate the needs of babies as they grow, Stokke has created the 'Mini' cot, which is suitable from birth, and can be adapted to become the Sleepi cot bed, which is the next size up and the one Charlie tested with her son Seb. The Sleepi is then suitable for children up to five years old. 

"I particularly liked the look of this product and also the way it can 'grow' with the child - the side can be removed to turn it into a toddler bed, so even though it's a higher price point than some other cribs, it'll last for a longer time," said Charlie. 

Helpfully, Stokke sell convertible panels for the Mini so that you can extend your crib and make it into a Sleepi as your child grows bigger and needs more space.  

Price and availability

The Stokke Sleepi doesn't come cheap – at the time of writing, Amazon was selling the cotbed for £335. So is it worth the price tag?

Charlie thought so: "It's more expensive than some other cots but it's designed to last a longer time than a standard cot and is clearly very good quality." While the initial outlay might be steep, the longevity of the Sleepi, up to the age of five, means that you aren't having to buy a bigger cot or a first toddler bed as your little one grows. 

"I have friends who are expecting, and I've suggested getting the Mini and then expanding it to the Sleepi so that they have a product that'll last their little one for years," added Charlie.

An image of The Stokke Sleepi Bed V3

(Image credit: Stokke)

Design and features

Weighs: 16.4 kg | Age: Birth – 5 years

As you'd expect from a brand famous for its super-stylish high chairs, the Stokke Sleepi isn't bland when it comes to design. "I've always heard great things about Stokke, so I was very much looking forward to testing out their cot," Charlie told us. 

The Sleepi is an oval shape and there's a choice of a range of neutral colours - but did it meet with our tester's high hopes? "The design is very stylish and the natural colourway looked great in Seb's room, plus I think it would work well with most nursery palettes," said Charlie.

"The quality of the wood was also really good - again, with a toddler who has a tendency to chew on things, it retained its freshness while we were reviewing it and didn't come away with too many scratches or dents."

While Charlie approved of the Sleepi's smooth oval shape, she did have reservations about how space-efficient the cot is, especially if space is at a premium. "I really like the oval shape but it does feel like there could be wasted space in rooms due to its size. If you have a smaller home or children's room then it might not be practical for you."

Our tester's little boy standing and smiling in the Stokkee Sleepi cot bed during testing

(Image credit: Charlie Bond)

How we tested

  • Assembled the cot bed to assess how easy / difficult it is to put together.
  • Used the cot bed for a month (minimum) for both naps and night-time sleep.
  • Reviewed all the cot bed's features to see whether they add value.

Things you won't find on the box

For a cot bed that looks like a work of art, our tester was surprised to discover that putting the Stokke Sleepi together was surprisingly simple. 

"The first thing that appealed to me about the Sleepi was the ease of getting it set up and ready for use," she said. "The instructions were easy to follow, and it didn't take long to assemble it all."  

The quality design goes beyond aesthetics and Charlie found the mattress impressive too - sturdy and well-made. "The quality of the mattress felt really good - it was firm, and even withstood a few bouncing sessions from Seb!" 

Who's it best for

This is a good-quality, good-looking piece of kit that will become a standout feature in your baby's nursery. Style-conscious parents will obviously be drawn by the Stokke name, but it would also appeal to those unfamiliar with the brand but who appreciate well-made furniture that lasts. 

While the price tag might push this cot bed out of some budgets, Charlie told us she would recommend the Stokke Sleepi to her friends, especially 'someone who is happy to spend a little bit more on a premium product that's stylish and a long-term investment'. If that sounds like you, the Stokke Sleepi is the cot bed to buy.

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