Has Prince Harry left the UK and when is he flying back to LA?

Prince Harry and Prince William at Prince Philip's funeral
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Has Prince Harry left the UK following Prince Philip's funeral and when is he flying back to LA?

Prince Harry returned to the UK for the first time since officially stepping back from royal life and starting a new life with Meghan Markle and their son Archie in the family's new LA home.

After it was announced by Buckingham Palace that Prince Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, had died aged 99, he flew home to Windsor to self-isolate ahead of the service which was only attended by 30 guests.

While it was thought that Prince Harry would have to rush home straight after the service to be with pregnant wife Meghan, who was unable to fly to England for the funeral and who made herself present at the service in a subtle way, Harry stayed for the days following the funeral to support the Queen.

Has Prince Harry left the UK?

Prince Harry has left the UK to return to LA despite reports he was set remain in Windsor to stand by the Queen for her 95th birthday today.

It was thought that Prince Harry has no fixed return date to fly home and would delay his return to be with the Queen for her 95th birthday.

A source told The Sun ahead of the funeral, “If all goes well, he could stay for the Queen’s birthday.”

However, it appears that Prince Harry has arrived in California.

Prince Harry Prince Philip funeral

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Prince Harry was spotted speaking to his brother Prince William after Philip's intimate send off and he is said to have spoken to his father Prince Charles for two hours in the hours after the funeral.

He also penned a 'deeply personal' note to his father before the emotional farewell.

During Harry and Meghan’s shock interview with Oprah Winfrey, he described his relationship with William as “distance” and admitted that Prince Charles had stopped taking his calls when he first left his role as a senior royal.

When did Prince Harry fly back to LA?

While some reports claimed that Prince Harry would fly back to LA after the Queen's birthday, it's believed that he arrived at LAX airport at 1.30pm local time yesterday.

The Duke reportedly flew from London Heathrow to LAX on an American Airlines flight and was seen arriving home to his and Meghan's Montecito mansion at around 4pm

The Firm is thought to be rallying around the Queen to make sure she is not alone for her first birthday as a widow and there has been a rota drawn up so that family members can visit her on rotation.

It was thought that Prince Harry would remain close to Her Majesty to be part of her support network.

Meghan, who is in her third trimester of her second pregnancy and was advised by doctors not to fly, is reportedly ready to ‘forgive’ the royal family and move on from tensions.

The Duchess of Sussex is believed to be mourning Philip's death, having had a close bond with him, and streamed the funeral to watch with Archie at home.

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