How Prince George's possible departure to boarding school will affect Princess Charlotte

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How Prince George's possible departure to boarding school is expected to affect his sister Princess Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte "will miss" her big brother Prince George if he is sent to boarding school as his parents look at a possible move.

The youngster is a middle-aged child in the Cambridge family and while she currently attends the same school as her older brother Prince George (opens in new tab), she might not be able to go to Thomas's school in Battersea with him for much longer.

There is talk that Prince George could be sent to boarding school (opens in new tab) after he turns eight later this month. The major step would follow royal tradition, in which Prince George could follow in his father's footsteps as Ludgrove School was where Prince William went as a youngster.

Prince George's potential move would mean that he'd no longer be around to play football with or hang out with after school.

Gertrude Daly, who runs the Gerts Royals blog, has described Charlotte as an "independent child" but noted the real impact should Prince George go away to study.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George

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She noted, "Princess Charlotte will, of course, miss her big brother, as any child would. But she will be fine when Prince George heads off to boarding school. She seems like a very independent child. Something she would have been taught at a young age with her Montessori education.

"She has never seemed to be clinging to her older brother on the rare glimpses we have seen the Cambridge Children. In fact, she is often the more outgoing Cambridge kid, leading the way."

Prince George's birth made him in line to be future king (opens in new tab), as third-in-line to the throne in the royal succession (opens in new tab).

But regardless of any move, it's likely that we could see even less of Prince George's (opens in new tab) playfulness following England's defeat in Euros 2020 final.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing football

Gertrude pointed out that Princess Charlotte isn't completely on her own, and has praised Prince William and Kate Middleton's parenting style (opens in new tab), for aiding her independence.

She continued, "Princess Charlotte will have her friends, little brother, parents, nanny. She will do fine. (But ofcourse miss him).

"William and Kate have tried to give all of their kid's individual attention. So, they have experience doing things without their other siblings. Whether it is an outing with Mummy or daddy. Or a solo trip to Granny Middleton’s for the weekend."

Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince Louis

But Gertrude admitted she felt more concerned about Prince George being away from home.

She added, "I would probably be more concerned about Prince George and how he would cope being away from his safety net. Being in with new students who haven’t grown up with a Prince as a classmate and who are used to see Prince George and the Cambridge Family on the news."

There is just under two years in age difference between Prince George and his sister Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Royal commentator, Brittani Barger, Deputy Editor of Americal website Royal Central, said, "We have had no confirmation that Prince George is going to switch schools, so right now that's just a rumor. However, if he was to switch schools, I don't think it would bother Princess Charlotte.

"She's very independent and outgoing, so I don't think she needs her brother beside her.

"She may miss not seeing him at school, but she's not going to be upset that she's alone, I don't think. From what we've seen, she's a little leader so I think she will be fine."