How tall is Prince William, Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family? And what does their height say about them?

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  • Their presence can be felt across the world as royal fans marvel at the inner workings of the royal family – but how tall are our favourite stars?

    • The Queen is the shortest of the family at 5ft3 and Judi James reveals she’s mastered ‘optical illusions’ to appear taller over the years
    • Duchess Catherine is taller than Duchess Meghan
    • Discover which celebrities are related to the royal family

    How tall is the Queen?

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    She might be the most powerful but the smallest of the bunch is the Queen, standing at just 5ft 3 inches – which is why you’ll usually see the 94-year-old Monarch wearing brightly coloured clothes as she needs to ensure she stands out in a crowd.

    According to the Queen’s biographer, Robert Hardman, she once revealed, “I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am.”

    But, by wearing colour people can say, “I saw the Queen.”

    Body language expert and psychologist, Judi James, says the Queen has spent years creating the impression of height through other optical illusions.“The Queen is a bit like Margaret Thatcher in this one respect, that you expect both women to be taller in real life,” Judi explains. “This optical illusion comes from the kind of very upright posture that the Queen and Thatcher had back in the day and the fact that they were rarely seen close to other people because of their positions and power. The Queen’s regal bearing does create an impression of height.”

    How tall is Prince Philip?

    By comparison, the Queen’s husband-of- 73-years, Prince Philip, is much taller than her – measuring 6ft.

    Rumour has it Her Majesty was attracted to Prince Phillip’s height and “masculinity”.

    According to royal commentator, Lady Colin Campbell, the Duke of Edinburgh “exuded masculinity from every pore”.

    Writing in her book, The Queen’s Marriage, she said, “Philip’s masculinity, which I can tell you was potent in person, set him apart. It was akin to that of Sean Connery at the height of his fame as James Bond.”

    And Judi says it’s in our nature as humans to be attracted to the strongest species to mate with.

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    “It’s not always true that women are attracted to taller men but nature does sell us the attraction values of a taller and stronger make to mate with.”

    She adds, “I believe the Queen was impressed by Philip’s ability to jump over the tennis nets on their first meeting. One of the Queen’s great loves is horses so there had to be a link there as she was admiring his long legs!”

    How tall is Prince William?

    At 6ft 3, Prince William is one of the tallest members of the royal family. Which seems fitting for our future King.

    Judi says height does still have an “alpha effect” in society, leading people to trust those leaders who are taller.She said, “Animal groups often feel more secure when they have an alpha leader to keep the peace, even though it means they will be subservient to that alpha.

    “Humans have probably become conditioned through history to see some form of security in having a tall leader and it could stem from the days when kings and leaders were expected to lead the fight in wars and battles.

    “We also equate greater space with status and taller people do tend to get that power gap around them. They are more visible and their height in a social, networking group, will make everyone else look up at them physically, enhancing their signals of power.”

    How tall is the Duchess of Cambridge?

    Duchess Catherine is 5ft 9in – three inches taller than her counterpart, Meghan Markle.

    With rumours of ongoing rivalry between the pair, Judi says Catherine’s height could be seen as an advantage.

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    She explains, “Being taller in that scenario, where there are even rumours of rifts can give some advantage. Harry and William are both tall and in Catherine’s eye-line, meaning she might find it easier to stay in the group in terms of sharing that elevated space.

    “Meghan, on the other hand, could possibly have needed to attract that attention at times. It also seemed to mean that Meghan wore heels a lot and they will always be more difficult to manage in social groups.”

    The Duchess of Cambridge’s height means her heel height of choice tends to be about 3.5 inches. In her favourite Rupert Sanderson heels, she often measures just over 6ft.

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    How tall is Prince George?

    Prince George, seven, is currently approximately 4ft at the moment. He will no doubt experience a growth spurt between the age of 10-15.

    How tall is Prince Harry?

    Prince Harry is 6ft 1 – four inches above the average height for a man in the UK.

    And psychologist, Timothy A Judge of the University of Florida, says his height being on the taller end of the spectrum will help him feel more confident on royal engagements.

    “The process of literally ‘looking down on others’ may cause one to be more confident,” he told the American Psychologist Association.

    “Similarly, having others ‘looking up to us’ may instill in tall people more self-confidence.”

    How tall is Meghan Markle?

    According to an old acting CV, the Duchess of Sussex stands at 5ft 6 – three inches taller than the average woman.

    Although she’s taller than average, Meghan is still one of the smaller members of the royal family.

    Judi explains, “Being small in a social group means you are literally being looked down on, which can suggest visual images or feelings of inferiority.”

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    While she’s smaller than the Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan uses other forms of body language to exert confidence.

    Judi reveals, “The good news is that it doesn’t seem to have impacted negatively on her body language as she tends to hold herself well and display other confidence signals.”

    It might also explain why she’s a big fan of high heels and usually wears shoes with a heel height of 4½ inches.

    How tall is Prince Charles?

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    At 5ft 10, Prince Charles was the same height as his ex-wife, the late Princess Diana.

    An article on The Society Pages suggests efforts were made to make him look taller than his wife at the time.

    Professor Lisa Wade wrote, “When Charles and Diana were posed together formally, however, they were typically arranged so as to suggest that he was significantly taller than her, or at least to disguise the fact that he was not.”

    Judi explains that while having a taller man in a relationship is less of an issue now, it would have been something people noticed back in the eighties when the couple married.

    “It’s probably less of a problem now but the rule always used to be that the man should be taller than the woman in a relationship and we saw Diana overcompensating with Charles by wearing flat shoes and even hunching over at times as she walked.

    “The male ego is tightly linked to sexual performance and perhaps the thought was to avoid anything that might make him feel weaker or inferior.”

    How tall is Duchess Camilla?

    Prince Charles’ current wife, the Duchess of Cornwall is smaller by comparison – standing at 5ft 8.

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    Given that Prince Charles is a mere 5ft 10, it’s no surprise that you’ll rarely see Camilla wearing anything higher than two-inch heels.

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