Has Duchess Camilla got children and who are her grandchildren?

Royal fans are wondering has Duchess Camilla got children and who are her grandchildren as she celebrates her 75th birthday.

Has Duchess Camilla got children?
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Royal fans tuning in to watch Camilla's Country Life documentary are wondering has Camilla got children? 

Duchess Camilla is married to the future King of England, Prince Charles (opens in new tab) and while he prepares to be next in line to the throne in the royal line of succession (opens in new tab), fans are keen to know more about his wife - with many asking does Camilla have children?

It's no secret that as one of the senior working members of the Royal Family, Prince Charles is father to sons Prince William and Prince Harry. And after their birth mother Princess Diana, died (opens in new tab)tragically in 1997, the Prince of Wales went on to marry Camilla.

But as the recent fall-out between Prince Harry, Charles and William shows little sign of slowing, there has been less focus on Camilla's side of the family, until now...

Has Camilla got children?

Duchess Camilla has two children - son Tom, 47 (born 18 December 1974), who is the godson of Prince Charles and daughter Laura, 44 (born 1st January 1978). They were born to Camilla's first husband Andrew Parker Bowles and at the time they were raised in their father's Roman Catholic faith.

Camilla remained an Anglican while daughter Laura attended a Catholic girl's school but married in an Anglican church and son Tom attended Eton and was married outside the Catholic Church.

Both Tom and Laura spend time with their mother, they were seen attending Ladies Day at Cheltenham Races together.

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The lesser known sister to Prince William and Harry, Laura is an art curator, who according to MyLondon, co-founded a gallery in London called Eleven. 

Meanwhile Tom is a successful food writer and critic with seven cookbooks under his belt.

Both Tom and Laura (married name Lopes) attended attend the Order of the Garter service at St George's Chapel on June 13, 2022 in Windsor where their mother Camilla was given the honour.

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Who are Camilla's grandchildren?

Camilla has 10 grandchildren in total, this includes five grandkids from her first marriage and five from her marriage to Prince Charles. On Camilla's side, there is Lola, 14, and Freddy Parker-Bowles, 12 - children of Camilla's first born Tom Parker Bowles and his wife Sara Buys. She then has Eliza Lopes, 13, and twins Gus and Louis, aged 12, from daughter Laura and her husband Harry Lopes.

On Charles's side, there's Prince George (opens in new tab), eight, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis (opens in new tab), three, - the children of Prince Charles's son Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Add to this Archie (opens in new tab), three, and Lilibet-Diana, aged one - the children of Prince Charles son Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. And that completes the five grandchildren on the Windsor side as they are .

It was previously revealed that Prince George, Charlotte and Louis had an adorable nickname for Duchess Camilla (opens in new tab), but it wasn't grandma.

It's understood that Camilla met her youngest granddaughter Lilibet Diana (opens in new tab) for the first time this year when Harry and Meghan flew over to the UK from LA to briefly attend the jubilee celebrations.

As she had previously already met with her grandson Archie when he was born.

Duchess Camilla was recently pictured with her grandchildren from the Windsor side of the family when she attended the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and was pictured on the royal balcony, but Archie and Lilibet were absent from the balcony.

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But no recent photographs of Camilla with Archie and Lilibet have been released, there is only the official christening photograph released back in 2019.

Lola Parker Bowles has attended official engagements including Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace.

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Not all of Camilla's grandchildren have been pictured - twins Gus and Louis and also Freddy are rarely seen.

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Eliza was just aged three when she was bridesmaid at Prince William and Kate's wedding and you can see a picture of the youngster below...

Eliza Lopes

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Duchess Camilla will take viewers on a journey as she visits Hall Place, previously the Hampshire home of her grandparents, with her sister Annabel. Together they reminisce about their time there as children. As childhood memories come flooding back, Camilla explains: “I could find my way around here with my eyes shut!”

The two sisters recall rolling down the hills, catching butterflies, dressing correctly for their strict grandmother and which of the furnishings they each now have in their respective homes. Annabel reveals that her beloved teddy bear was once buried in the garden by Camilla, who only owned up to it decades later:

The Duchess of Cornwall says: “Yes, Tiddy Bar - he had a very happy resting ground.”

Annabel says affectionately: "I’ve not forgiven her - it still rankles to this day!”

Camilla's Country Life airs Wednesday 13th July at 9pm and will be available an hour later on ITV+1 as well as the ITVHub.

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