Prince Charles’ 'secret nickname' for Meghan Markle is revealed - and it's quite rare

Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
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Prince Charles has a 'secret nickname' for daughter-in-law Meghan Markle as royal commentator reveals its powerful meaning.

Prince Charles has a 'secret nickname' for Meghan Markle - and it's not what you'd expect to be called by your father-in-law.

The Duke of Cornwall is said to have a good relationship with Meghan - even though there appear to be tensions between Prince Charles and her husband Prince Harry following their bombshell Oprah interview (opens in new tab). At the time Harry claimed his father has stopped taking his calls (opens in new tab) and now its been revealed that Prince Charles has a secret nickname for the Duchess of Sussex.

Marie Liwag Dixon said despite the royal family not approving of Meghan and Harry quitting the royal family (opens in new tab), Prince Charles' nickname for the Duchess could well be considered a compliment. "This was evident in the secret nickname he reportedly had for her: 'Tungsten'", she said.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry,

And added, "As royal correspondent Russell Myers revealed on Lorraine in 2019, Charles nicknamed her after the metal as 'she is tough and unbending'. Tungsten is the strongest naturally occurring metal on the planet. That makes this a pretty neat compliment all things considered."

It's not unusual for royals to give each other different nicknames, last year it was revealed Prince George, Charlotte and Louis had an adorable name for Duchess Camilla (opens in new tab) and it wasn't grandma.

Prince Charles, Camilla and Meghan Markle

Meanwhile, before Harry and Meghan moved to LA (opens in new tab) with their son Archie, two, the in-laws had been spotted chatting and laughing together at a number of official engagements before Meghan and Harry stepped down (opens in new tab) as senior working members of the royal family. And notably, the future king walked Meghan down the aisle when Meghan and Harry tied the knot (opens in new tab) at Windsor Castle in 2018.