Princess Diana’s cousin reveals incredible detail of her ‘childhood crush’ on Prince Charles years before their marriage

Diana Princess of Wales with Prince Charles on board a ship at the naval base on April 20, 1985 in La Spezia, Italy during the Royal Tour of Italy
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Princess Diana’s cousin has revealed an incredible detail about her “childhood crush” on Prince Charles years before their marriage, as she shared insight into their school days.

Princess Diana’s cousin has shared wonderful insight into the late Princess of Wales’ school days as she opened up on ITV’s new Diana documentary. The enlightening film featured personal testimony and explored the life and enduring legacy of Princess Diana, to mark what would have been her 60th birthday on July 1st. This poignant occasion will see a new memorial statue unveiled and her sons Prince William and Prince Harry have reportedly approved this tribute together. 

Both brothers are set to attend the memorial next week, despite rumours of tension in the aftermath of Harry and Meghan’s shocking Oprah interview.

It’s not yet been confirmed if any other relatives will be accompanying them, though Diana's brother Earl Spencer recently shared a rare comment on how he keeps her memory alive

Prince Charles and Princess Diana and Princes William & Harry Attend The VJ Day 50th Anniversary Celebrations In London

Now her cousin Diana Macfarlane has appeared on ITV’s Diana, giving her incredible insight into the Princess’ school days and “crush” on Prince Charles. 

As reported by, Diana Macfarlane told the documentary about how she and Princess Diana attended West Heath Girls' School in Kent at the same time as each other. 

"Life in the dormitory, you all had your bed and your bedside table and then there were cupboards to hang things,” she is said to have revealed. “We had our teddy bears and everyone loved to have their photograph on their bedside table.

"We all used to have pictures of various pop stars that we liked. The Monkees, Rod Stewart, people like that.”

The Prince And Princess Of Wales At Home In Kensington Palace

However, according to Diana Macfarlane, it wasn’t pop stars' pictures that the future Princess of Wales had, but snaps of the Queen’s eldest son.

"But I can tell that she used to have photographs of Prince Charles around her bed at West Heath”, she claimed. "Sort of a childhood crush really. With Diana, it was always pictures of Prince Charles."

Back then Princess Diana likely couldn’t have imagined what the future would hold. Charles and Diana met for the first time in 1977 and later met again in 1980.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales on their wedding day

Love soon blossomed and after announcing their engagement in February 1981, they married at St Paul’s Cathedral that July. Charles and Diana welcomed their two sons William and Harry, before sadly going on to divorce in 1996. 

Next week, Princess Diana’s loved ones will reflect upon her life and legacy as they remember her on what would have been her 60th birthday. 

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