The Queen was once forced to 'intervene' in 'bizarre' stand-off between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew

Prince Charles and Prince Andrew

The Queen was once forced to "intervene" and "defuse" a situation between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew which broke out after Prince Andrew allegedly put his toiletries in the wrong bathroom. 

It has been claimed that Prince Andrew and Prince Charles once became embroiled in a stand-off over toiletries, in which the Queen was forced to intervene.

A former Buckingham Palace maid has revealed details of an alleged incident which took place at Sandringham during the Christmas of 1999.

Janette McGowan told The Sun that Prince Andrew, 39 at the time, had claimed the wrong bathroom—supposedly reserved for Future King Charles, then 51. And allegedly refused to move his toiletries until asked by Her Majesty.

Janette explained, "When members of the Royal Family travel to Sandringham they are each allocated rooms and a bathroom.

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“But Prince Andrew took the bathroom that was allocated for the Prince of Wales and he wouldn’t budge and refused to take his stuff out of it. It turned into a bizarre stand-off.

“In the end The Queen herself had to intervene to defuse the situation. She actually had to have words with Andrew and say to him that he had to use the other bathroom and that was when he finally backed down."

WINDSOR, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 23: Queen Elizabeth II records her annual Christmas broadcast in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle on December 23, 2021 in Windsor, England. The photograph on the desk is of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, taken in 2007 at Broadlands, Hampshire, to mark their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. (Photo by Victoria Jones - Pool/Getty Images)

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Revealing further details of the dynamics between the brothers, Janette added, "The Prince of Wales just had to wait until the Queen intervened as Prince Andrew had just left his things in the bathroom and he wanted that bathroom.

“Charles was very grown-up about it, which is more than you can say for Andrew.”

Royal Family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson July 1986

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Hit Netflix show, The Crown, recently explored the relationship between the two brothers.

But royal expert, Katie Nicholl, said their depiction wasn't entirely accurate. And that the brothers were once close during the earlier days, along with Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.

'There absolutely has been rivalry between Andrew and Charles but my understanding is that that rivalry developed at a later stage in life and that actually, when they were young handsome princes enjoying their early years of marriage, they were the 'Fab Four'," she explained.

"They were the ones going on holidays together, they were the ones skiing together. And they had these sort of bright, gorgeous, exciting, new royal wives and there was actually, I think, more companionship between them at that stage in their life than perhaps at any other.

"So, I'm not sure that that's an entirely accurate reflection of their relationship at all. That rivalry, that jealousy came later."

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