'Be kind to yourself and just accept your body shape' Kelly Brook on shunning social pressure, slimming and life at 40

The star opens up about her slimming journey and more...

Kelly Brook weight loss
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She’s the English model, actress and TV presenter who’s as synonymous with fame as she is for her fuller figure.

But just a few months after stepping into a new decade, she sits down with Health Editor Lucy Gornall to talk about a slimming journey that has surprised her fans but doesn’t waver from her belief that size is something we all need to define for ourselves.

On accepting her size…

"Throughout my life I’ve been lots of different sizes, and I never quite knew what my perfect size was,” says Kelly. “I think with most women finding the right size for them is a process you go through. Maybe your body shape isn’t fashionable at the time or maybe if relationships don’t work out you think you’re not sexy or beautiful enough. We can be so hard on ourselves.”

“But when you get to a certain age and a certain level of happiness, you realise it’s actually it’s nice to be kind to yourself and just accept your body shape and what works for you. This has definitely what’s happened for me and has helped the relationship with my body,” Kelly continues.

On her weight loss regime…

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“I’ve been on my SlimFast plan for quite a while now – I’m now a small size 10-12 – and I’ve definitely found the size I’m most comfortable in. I started on the Vitality Plan, which focuses on meal replacement shakes and a meal each day – I try and have a healthy meal based around fish, lean meat and vegetables – making sure you stick within the 1,500 calorie limit,” Kelly reveals.

“When I first posted on social media that I was doing this plan there was a lot of stigma against dieting and diet brands. People were kind of upset with me, as they look at me as a kind of role model for a fuller figured woman. I imagine they were thinking ‘she’s saying she’s body positive, and she’s saying that she’s embracing her curves, but she’s going on a diet’. And I can see how that can send out a mixed message. But the point is, is that if I felt heavier than I needed to be or that I wasn’t quite as healthy as I could be, then I don’t think there should be a stigma with actually reining it in. I think that it’s also negative when people are attacking you for actually wanting to do something about your weight. Ultimately if you’re not happy with your size it’s up to you to do something about it and it shouldn’t really be anyone’s business.”

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“I still enjoy treats. I think as soon as you start depriving yourself of things is when you have this unhealthy relationship with food. At the moment I like warming food like a nice shepherd’s pie or a stew with dumplings,” Kelly adds.

On her exercise plan…

“I do exercise a lot, I think that’s really good for not only your body but also your headspace. If I’m feeling a bit down or have had too many glasses of wine, a quick run around the park leaves you feeling happier and clearer headed, like you’ve done something kind for yourself,” says Kelly.

“In terms of what exercise I do apart from running, I’m going to start doing a bit more stuff in the gym in terms of weight training. I went to see one of our producers when she was in one of the Miami Pro Building competitions, and she has completely transformed her body. And I think I could definitely do with a bit more toning around my bum. I looked at her bum, and I was like gosh that’s goals. I like trying all kinds of different exercise; pilates, yoga or even just walking and do it whenever I can fit it in really.”

On her body positive role models…

“There are so many body positive women – which I define as anyone who embraces who they really are – I find inspiring. I think Ashley Graham has been absolutely fantastic for the curvier woman, she’s so confident in her body and who she is. She’s such a beautiful woman. And on the other side of it there’s Jennifer Lopez who works out like a machine, looks insane, is completely toned and athletic and she’s turning 50,” Kelly explains, before adding, “So I look at those women, and their jobs are very much about their body and how they look. They really take it seriously and work hard. I think as long as you stay fit, healthy, you exercise and don’t overeat, or under eat, that’s the key. Everything in moderation.”

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