Where is Nadiya Bakes filmed?

Where is Nadiya Bakes filmed? The exact location of the show’s scenic settings

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Where is Nadiya Bakes filmed? It’s not just the delicious treats that are a feast for the eyes – the show’s picturesque backdrops are causing a stir too. 

Whether you’re crowned the winner or go home empty-handed, talent from the Great British Bake Off contestants is fairly frequent – and Nadiya Hussain is arguably the biggest success story from the show. 

Winning The Great British Bake Off back in 2015, fans can’t get enough of Nadiya Hussain recipes and love making them at home. 

From an array of cookbooks to whipping up delicious treats on our screens, the chef and self-proclaimed ‘feeder’ is back, which has fans asking, where is Nadiya Bakes filmed? 

Where is Nadiya Bakes filmed? 

Nadiya Bakes was filmed in Devon, where she and a camera crew spent two weeks in a house during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

In an interview with Radio Times, Nadiya said: “We had no contact with anyone apart from each other for two weeks. 

“It was lovely, because to be working felt so invigorating, but it was weird, because we were social-distancing and everyone had masks on.”

First aired on BBC2 in 2021, Nadiya Bakes is also available to stream on Netflixnow. 

Amateur and well-versed bakers alike can look forward to episodes such as Classics with a Twist, Indulgent Desserts and Biscuits and Bites. 

Where is Nadiya Hussain’s house?

Nadiya reportedly lives in Milton Keynes with her husband Abdal and their three children Musa, Dawud and Maryam.

Nadiya and her husband Abdal had an arranged marriage and reportedly met just 10 minutes before they were due to marry. 

Speaking on Loose Women, the star baker revealed her relationship advice and secrets to a long-lasting marriage. 

She said: “We debrief. It’s a thing that we do and I know it sounds clinical but we do. When they [kids] become teenagers, you have a lot less time for each other, and you find that whenever you're talking it’s always about the kids.

“We take 20 minutes on an evening… and we debrief without them [their children] listening, and we talk about what we did and what we think we could do better and what we could change. And we have a hug and a kiss and we’re like, right, let’s keep at it.” 

Before moving to the county of Buckinghamshire, Nadiya and her family lived in Leeds, where she reportedly did so in order to make a better life for the children. 

Is Nadiya Hussain a millionaire?

Nadiya Hussain is a millionaire. She clinched The Great British Bake Off win in 2015 and has secured a number of book deals, partnerships and hosting gigs since.

According to Celebworth, Nadiya’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million (which is just over £4 million). 

What did Nadiya do next after winning Bake Off?

Arguably the most successful contestant to come from Bake Off, the now 38-year-old became somewhat of a national treasure. 

Since she won the popular baking show eight years ago, the mother-of-three has released a plethora of cookbooks (including her latest one Nadiya’s Simple Spices), presented the Junior Bake Off, and also documented her personal struggles with anxiety for the BBC

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Nadiya spoke of what her monetary success means to her parents.

She said: “They don’t see fame or celebrity. My mum has all my books and I give her a copy every year. She says, ‘Oh, lovely,’ but doesn’t turn a page. 

“It’s a humbling experience going home. My children think it’s hilarious that I’ll get asked for a selfie on the street, but at my mum’s I roll up my sleeves and do the vacuuming.”

Spoiler alert: we’ve got all the info on who left Bake Off 2023 last night. Plus, if you’re wondering where is Bake Off filmed, you can find out all the details and whether the location is available to visit. 

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