Where is Bake Off filmed in 2022 and was it filmed in one day?

Here's the location of that famous white tent...

Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith photographed in the tent where Bake Off is filmed
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Following this year's final of the beloved Channel 4 baking show, many are wondering where is Bake Off filmed in 2022?

From the moment the Great British Bake Off line-up (opens in new tab) was confirmed, cake devotees and biscuit lovers across the country were counting down the days to the start of Bake Off 2022 (opens in new tab). And eager viewers wanted to know all about the contestants, from who is Sandro (opens in new tab) to where is Rebs from?

But after ten weeks in the tent, the thirteenth series has come to an end, and as the nation watched finalists Sandro, Syabira and Abdul compete for the crown, many viewers were asking when and were is Bake Off filmed?

Where is Bake Off filmed 2022?

The Great British Bake Off 2022 was filmed in the grounds of the Welford Park Estate in Berkshire. The show was filmed there in 2014 to 2019, but in 2020 and 2021 the baking contest was filmed at Down Hall, a hotel in Hatfield Heath, Essex.

The change of location for the past two years was due to Down Hall being more accommodating when it came to filming under pandemic restrictions, but this year, the famous white tent returned to its old home.

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And the show's stars were pleased to be back, with judge Paul Hollywood telling the Express (opens in new tab): "I love filming at Welford and we've been away for a couple of years. I sat on the grass, not far from the tents. It's a very reflective place and Bake Off's been a big part of my life for quite a while now. It's lovely being back. I felt totally chilled out and relaxed."

Welford Park (opens in new tab) is a private home but welcomes the public to its grounds from February to March, and is best known for its striking snowdrops. Originally the site of a monastery, the Park became the deer-hunting lodge of Henry VIII before being given to Sir Thomas Parry, the Treasurer of Queen Elizabeth I's household. The property also served as a recuperation home for distressed soldiers during World War I, with the bedrooms becoming hospital wards and dormitories for the nursing staff.

Previous Bake Off filming locations include Fulham Palace, London (season one), Valentines Mansion, Redbridge (season two) and Harptree Court, Somerset (seasons three and four).

When was Bake Off 2022 filmed?

According to Cinemaholic (opens in new tab), filming for Bake Off 2022 took place between April and August 2022.

Although the show was no longer required to film in a Covid bubble like the previous two seasons, a spokeswoman explained ahead of the latest series airing: "We won’t be filming in a bubble this year, but protocols will be in place to keep everyone safe."

A source told the Mirror (opens in new tab), "All the team, particularly Prue, found it really tough not being able to go home each week. They are delighted that this year it will go back to the way it was, when they filmed at weekends and could leave during the week."

Judge Prue had said of the time: "I remember saying, 'Oh God, I’m going to go into a bubble with three men', but in fact it was lovely. One of the things that was a huge relief was how well Matt and I got on."

Before filming the 2021 series, everyone was required to self-isolate for nine days and had to take three Covid tests before being allowed entry into Down Hall. During filming, each episode was shot over the course of a weekend with the contestants arriving at 9am on a Saturday morning. While they would usually return to their day jobs during the week, they had to isolate and live together for seven weeks due to COVID.

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Is Bake Off filmed in one day?

No the Great British Bake Off is not filmed in one day. Filming for the 2022 series took place over six weeks, with each episode shot over two days - usually at the weekend.

Contestants, judges and hosts are known to work long hours during filming days, with Paul Hollywood previously revealing that a 12 hour shoot was something of a "short day" on set.

"We try and get together as much as we can but sometimes we’re shattered," he said during a Bake Off press conference. "If it’s been a really late one we’re all just saying, 'I’m going to get room service.'"

Speaking about how long it takes to film an episode, season eight baker Tom Hetherington told Insider (opens in new tab): "It takes quite a long time to film, and I don't think everyone appreciates how long it takes, but it becomes very exhausting and very stressful."

He explained that depending on how many contestants are left in the competition, filming days can take anywhere from 10 to 16 hours.

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