Are Emily and Cam still together from Too Hot To Handle season 2?

The couple were one of the season's favourites - but did they go the distance?

Emily (left) and Cam (right) pictured on a beach while filming Too Hot To Handle season 2
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Following the return of the hugely popular dating show for a fourth season, we take a look at are Cam and Emily still together from Too Hot To Handle.

While many fans of the Netflix show are preoccupied with which Too Hot To Handle Couples are still together from season 4 (opens in new tab) and other news about what the cast of Too Hot To Handle season 4 (opens in new tab) are up to now, those who've been fans of the show since the very first seasons are keen to see which past couples have survived after their time on the show. 

Emily and Cam were one of season two's favourite couples, having first struck up an interest with each other on day one of the retreat. And while they left the show together looking pretty loved up, earlier this year rumours surfaced that the pair might have split. So, are Emily and Cam still together?

Are Cam and Emily still together?

Yes, Emily and Cam are still together. Although they seemed to take a short break from their relationship in April 2022, the pair reconciled and have been going strong ever since.

On Too Hot To Handle, Emily and Cam were drawn to each other from day one, but Cam struggled to commit, telling newcomer Christina that he and Emily weren't "serious". But, by the end of the series the pair were well and truly loved up, with Cam eventually dropping the L-bomb and asking Emily to be his girlfriend.

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Cam also revealed that he felt his parents' relationship had impacted his ability to settle down, but after working on himself during the show he and Emily were the only couple from season 2 who's relationship survived in the real world.

Did Emily and Cam break up?

Yes, Emily and Cam did briefly break up in spring 2022. Rumours of their split had been circulating for a while, and Emily seemingly confirmed the news when she posted a TikTok (opens in new tab) with the caption "Me realising I’m single af."

The bombshell left fans confused, especially as Cam had shared a sweet Instagram post (opens in new tab) for Emily's birthday just days before, with the caption "My ❤️ happy birthday x"

According to the Mail Online (opens in new tab), Cam had been unfaithful while Emily was on holiday in Thailand, and that was the reason for the split. The publication claimed that Emily had caught him in bed with another woman.

However, in a YouTube video posted in September, Cam and Emily addressed the rumours around their split and confirmed that they are back together. In the video, Emily said, "I think it’s finally time we addressed it," adding, "We are in such a good place now, we can."

Cam then explained: "At the time we didn’t address it because it was really difficult to say the right thing. But also because our relationship is real – it’s not for PR – we didn’t want to address it."

Putting the rumours to bed, Emily summed up by saying, "We weren’t in a great place when things happened, but now, we’ve worked on us, we’ve worked through it, and we’re better than ever."

What have Emily and Cam said since?

At the Too Hot To Handle season two reunion Emily and Cam revealed they are living together, with Cam saying, "We came home, she came to mine for a bit, and then I basically...packed everything up and moved in with Em. So we're living together, we literally haven't spent many days apart since the show."

He added: "We're essentially like a little married couple now...We know everything about each other."

The pair have also spoken about the transition from filming Too Hot To Handle to real life, with Cam telling Refinery29 (opens in new tab): "Going from that actual bubble on the show and that huge high, when we left it was a bit strange." He added, "Obviously we got to know each other well on the show, but we got to know each other so much more. We even say that we definitely wouldn’t be good on the show now because we’re just so strange and weird around each other."

Emily said: "Making our relationship work in the villa was much harder than in real life, to be honest. He was so up and down the whole time, which made things difficult. But when he finally made his mind up it’s been smooth sailing since then."

They've also posted plenty of loved-up pics on their Instagram accounts. Cam has a pinned picture of Emily on his page with the caption "You 🌍⁣", while Emily posted a romantic video (opens in new tab) for Cam's birthday back in October, with the caption "Happy birthday my stars & moon 🌙 ❤️".

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Where are Emily and Cam now?

Emily and Cam moved in together just a month and a half into their relationship, and now live in London. They also have a YouTube channel (opens in new tab) where they post vlogs and videos of them trying new foods. 

Speaking to Refinery29, Cam explained the decision to move in together so soon: "Moving in together was the logical next step for us. It was weird because normally when you meet someone you text them, have time apart, and go through that stage. But we just met each other in the traditional way and did the opposite — texting when we got back. It wasn’t the same, and I legit couldn’t be without her."

More recently, Emily revealed she was rushed to hospital after suffering an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in her having a fallopian tube removed. 

She shared the tragic news in an Instagram post (opens in new tab) back in June 2022, writing: "So a few weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant. Although it was a shock it was something I was also quite excited about.

"However on Tuesday I collapsed whilst being at the shops. I cannot even describe to you the pain- it felt like my whole stomach was collapsing and was quickly rushed to hospital."

She went on to explain that after a long wait in A&E the nurses confirmed she had an ectopic pregnancy, adding: "For those who haven’t heard of this (like me) it’s basically where the fetus gets stuck and grows in your Fallopian tube which is fatal and if I had left it much longer my Fallopian tube would of burst."

Emily finished off the post by saying: "Thinking back, I definitely ignored the signs my body was trying to tell me early on about my ectopic pregnancy. I can only urge girls to get an early pregnancy scan just to be on the safe side... Please don't ignore your body, love to you all".

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