Which Too Hot To Handle couples are still together from season 4?

Find out which couples have gone the distance

The cast of Too Hot to Handle season 4 cheersing on a beach
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Season 4 of Netflix's steamiest dating show has landed, so everyone wants to know which Too Hot To Handle couples are still together?

The Too Hot To Handle season 4 cast (opens in new tab) have brought all the drama, rule breaking and couple swapping that viewers could ask for in the unorthodox dating show that sees a bunch of singletons try to remain celibate in pursuit of forming a deeper connection. Set in a beautiful beach-side filming location (opens in new tab) it might seem like paradise, but the dwindling prize money as the couples fail to keep their hands off each other is certainly a thorn in the side.

And much like fans of the show have been asking are Emily and Cam still together (opens in new tab) from season 2, the same is being asked of the latest series of Too Hot To Handle. Now that the final batch of episodes have landed, the couples who left the retreat together have been revealed - but which Too Hot To Handle couples are still together now? If you want to avoid some major spoilers, it's best to look away! 

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples are still together?

1. Are Jawahir and Nick still together?

Jawahir and Nick from Too Hot To Handle

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We hope so! Jawahir and Nick were the strongest couple from Too Hot To Handle season 4, and went on to be the show's winners.

Despite the arrival of bombshell Shawn - who Jawahir shared dinner with - she ultimately picked Nick, telling him, "I know I have a connection with you and I know it's real. I look at you and just feel this feeling that I've never had before."

However, as is often the case with reality dating shows, the couples have been waiting to confirm their relationship status, to give viewers plenty of time to watch the series - so we don't know for sure what the relationship status of Jawahir and Nick is. 

But there have been plenty of hints suggesting that the two are going strong. On her Instagram (opens in new tab), Jawahir recently responded to a fan who asked "Are you guys still together? I can't keep waiting I can't live like this!" She said: "I promise you all. You will all find out soon. Bear with us and enjoy the next amazing episodes." 

She also re-shared a story where a fan had written, "Jawa and Nick are just >>>>>", which seems like a positive sign. 

A few days later Jawahir posted another story saying: "Yes, I will tell you all about Nick and I soon. Bear with us" - so it sounds like we won't be kept in suspense for much longer!

And while Nick is not as active on his Instagram (opens in new tab) as Jawahir, eagle-eyed fans have spotted some clues that suggest the pair spent some time together after Too Hot To Handle filming wrapped. Both shared photos of themselves on holiday in Bali back in April - in fact in their separate posts they appear to be standing under the same waterfall.

Nick also reposted a photo (opens in new tab) from the Too Hot to Handle Instagram account, which showed he and Jawahir pulling funny faces while they took a selfie. So, while we may have to wait for confirmation of Jawahir and Nick's relationship, things are looking good for the season 4 winners.

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2. Are Kayla and Seb still together?

Kayla and Seb from Too Hot To Handle

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It's too early to tell, but we think they could be! They're still mutual followers on Instagram and like each other's posts, and back in March Seb posted a photo (opens in new tab) of himself in Kayla's hometown of Los Angeles.

And now fans of the show think they've spotted a big hint that the pair are still going strong, after Kayla reposted an Instagram story from Seb's sister, and it looked like they were out partying together. 

Meanwhile, Seb reposted a clip of the show on his Instagram story, which showed the sweet moment he told Kayla that he couldn't stop thinking about her while he was on a date with fellow contestant Flavia.

However, while Seb and Kayla are yet to confirm their relationship status, Seb has appeared in a TikTok (opens in new tab) filmed by Flavia - along with fellow cast member Creed - leaving some fans wondering if they have sparked a romance after the show.

Kayla and Seb didn't have the smoothest start on Too Hot To Handle, with Kayla originally having her eye on Nigel before giving Seb a chance, and Flavia then taking Seb on a date - only for him to turn her down. 

But the end of the season saw the pair turn into a strong couple - despite some pretty extreme rule breaking - and Kayla and Seb ended up as finalists.

Creed recently shared via his Instagram story that himself, Seb, Kayla, Flavia and Nick will be appearing on the Reality with Will Njobvu (opens in new tab) podcast - so perhaps we'll finally get some clarity when the episode airs!

3. Are Brittan and James still together?

Brittan and James from Too Hot To Handle

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We think so! Despite not making it to the final two couples, Brittan and James proved themselves to be a strong match on Too Hot To Handle, and left the show together.

Since then they've not confirmed their relationship status, but there have been a fair few hints and flirting on Instagram. Commenting on a post (opens in new tab) James shared captioned "Sea no evil." Brittany wrote "sea no flaws 🔥", which seems like a good sign, right?

It wasn't all plain sailing for Brittan and James, however. James' obsession with the dwindling prize money left Brittan frustrated that he wasn't focused on getting to know her, and she briefly ditched James for bombshell Ethan.

But on their final date Brittan told James, "I'm really into you and I really like what we have," to which he replied, "There's only been one person the entire time, and I'm sitting with her right now." Though they weren't finalists, the pair lasted the whole season without a single rule break.

Let's hope they've gone the distance!

Are Flavia and Creed still together?

Flavia and Creed from Too Hot To Handle

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We don't think so. Flavia and Creed had a pretty rocky time on Too Hot To Handle, before Creed was asked the leave the retreat after getting himself involved in not one but two love triangles.

Creed was initially getting to know Sophie, before Flavia's late arrival turned his head. However, after another bombshell, Imogen, arrived at the retreat, Creed tried to get to know both girls at the same time, before Lana revealed what he was up to. 

After leaving the show, Creed said in an interview with My Imperfect Life (opens in new tab): "Right now, for me, the best relationships are built on friendship. That's something I stand by 100%. I can't even explain to you how close we all are as a family, not just the girls but everyone as a group. But I talk to the girls almost every day. We're always checking in on each other."

He added: "This year has also been a massive focus on personal growth and strengthening those relationships that I've already had because I really want to give the best part of me to my future partner."

And it certainly seems like there's no hard feelings between the pair, as both Flavia and Creed have shared Instagram stories together, along with Nigel and Seb. They'll also be appearing on Will Njobvu's podcast with Seb, Kayla and Nick - so they're still friends at least!

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