Which Too Hot to Handle couples are still together from season 4?

Find out which couples have gone the distance

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Season 5 of Netflix's steamiest dating show is here, and it's left viewers wanting to know which Too Hot to Handle couples are still together.

Too Hot to Handle season 5 has arrived. The unorthodox dating show, which sees a bunch of singletons try to remain celibate in pursuit of forming a deeper connection, is set in a beautiful beach-side filming location - it might seem like paradise, but the dwindling prize money as the couples fail to keep their hands off each other is certainly a thorn in the side.

And much like fans of the show have been asking if recent cast members Alex and Elys and Christine and Louis are still together, as well as if Emily and Cam are still together from season 2, the same is being asked of the cast of season 4 of Too Hot To Handle. Now that season 5 is on the horizon, fans of the show want to know which Too Hot To Handle couples are still together now. We've got all the details...

Which Too Hot To Handle Couples are still together from season 4?

1. Are Jawahir and Nick still together?

Sadly, Jawahir and Nick are no longer together. Though they were the strongest couple from Too Hot To Handle season 4 and went on to be the show's winners, it wasn't meant to be for these two.

During the show, Jawahir and Nick were season four's biggest rule breakers, racking up $41,000 in fines. It wasn't all smooth sailing however, as the arrival of bombshell Shawn resulted in a curveball for the pair.

Though Jawahir spent some time flirting with the new arrival - and even shared a bed with him - she ultimately picked Nick, telling him, "I know I have a connection with you and I know it's real. I look at you and just feel this feeling that I've never had before."

After the show, Nick and Jawahir stayed together for several months, which they spent living in London and travelling together in Bali. But in a video posted on the Too Hot to Handle Instagram in December 2022, Jawahir revealed, "I'm single and I'm so not ready to mingle." 

She added, "I got my heart broken because I fell in love and got to live together with Nick, and eventually things didn't work out. I'm gonna spend my twenties just loving and growing and just evolving as a young woman."

Nick said in the clip, "I need myself and I need my foundations established. I'm focusing on me, doing what I want to do, and exploring my curiosities."

2. Are Kayla and Seb still together?

Yes, Seb and Kayla are still together! Despite taking a break from their relationship not long after they filmed Too Hot to Handle, the couple have rekindled things - and it looks like they're still going strong.

Kayla and Seb didn't have the smoothest start on Too Hot To Handle, with Kayla originally having her eye on Nigel before giving Seb a chance, and Flavia then taking Seb on a date - only for him to turn her down. 

But the end of the season saw the pair turn into a strong couple - despite some pretty extreme rule-breaking - and Kayla and Seb ended up as finalists.

In the video posted on Instagram in December, Kayla said: "At first, Seb and I were dating for a few months, I travelled to Scotland. It was a lot all at once. We ended up ending things mutually, but we did not stop communication, so hopefully soon we'll give things another try."

Seb added: "The long-distance got really difficult for us both, which was always a fear. I'm still very much in love with her, I think we've got enough memories to continue something great there."

He then commented on the video, "The fun begins now! You ready to give this a crack sweetheart? @kaylarichart" - and it looks like that's exactly what they did, as the Seb and Kayla were looking very loved-up in a recent shared Instagram post of the pair kissing in the rain.

3. Are Brittan and James still together?

We don't think so. Although Brittan and James revealed they were dating back in December 2022, it looks like their relationship has fizzled out after Too Hot to Handle aired.

In the Instagram video, James revealed, "Brittan and I took a little bit of a break when we got back from Too Hot to Handle," before adding, "We both moved to Los Angeles, and started seeing each other a lot more."

Meanwhile, Brittan said, "We both had this new perspective from Lana and we both just didn't really know where we stood with each other. I guess you could say James and I are in the dating phase, the dating process."

Brittan and James may not have made it to the final two couples on Too Hot to Handle, but they proved themselves to be a strong match, despite James' obsession with the dwindling prize money leaving Brittan frustrated that he wasn't focused on getting to know her. In fact, she briefly ditched him for bombshell Ethan.

But on their final date, Brittan told James, "I'm really into you and I really like what we have," to which he replied, "There's only been one person the entire time, and I'm sitting with her right now." 

Though they weren't finalists, the pair lasted the whole season without a single rule break.

Are Flavia and Creed still together?

No, Flavia and Creed are not together. The pair had a pretty rocky time on Too Hot to Handle, before Creed was asked the leave the retreat for getting involved in not one but two love triangles.

Creed was initially getting to know Sophie, before Flavia's late arrival turned his head. However, after another bombshell, Imogen, arrived at the retreat, Creed tried to get to know both girls at the same time, before Lana revealed what he was up to. 

After leaving the show, Creed said in an interview with My Imperfect Life: "Right now, for me, the best relationships are built on friendship. That's something I stand by 100%. I can't even explain to you how close we all are as a family, not just the girls but everyone as a group. But I talk to the girls almost every day. We're always checking in on each other."

He added: "This year has also been a massive focus on personal growth and strengthening those relationships that I've already had because I really want to give the best part of me to my future partner."

As for what he's up to now, Creed told Netflix back in January, "Since filming I've been a busy boy, I'm the founder of a tech company, I was flying all around to see all my castmates that I love." He also revealed that he is currently single.

Meanwhile, Flavia said: "Since filming, I've been working really really hard on building up my lifestyle content for my social media. And also, I was nominated to the People's Choice Awards as best Latin influencer - and I won!" She also said at the time that she is now in a relationship.

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