Too Hot to Handle season 5: Cast, release date and trailer revealed

Everything you need to know about Too Hot to Handle season 5 - including the cast members who will be appearing on the show.

The cast of Too Hot to Handle season 5 partying on the beach
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With Too Hot To Handle season 5 dropping on Netflix next week, fans can't wait to find out all about the new cast of the popular dating show.

This cheeky series follows ten commitment-phobic singletons who have to abstain from getting it on to win a $200,000K prize fund. Little do they know it, but the contestants will be slapped with an intimacy ban after entering the Caribbean retreat, with the show's all-seeing eye Lana, an Alexa-style virtual assistant, watching their every move.

The premise is that instead of giving into lust, the contestants must try to form meaningful connections, and if you're a fan of Too Hot to Handle then you've probably been wondering which Too Hot To Handle couples are still together, from Emily and Cam in season 2 to Seb and Kayla from season 4. And now that season 5 is on the horizon, viewers are keen to know more about the new Too Hot to Handle cast and when they'll first be appearing on screen.

Too Hot to Handle season 5 release date

Set your reminders as Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle will be released on Netflix on Friday, July 14, when the first four episodes will premiere. As usual, we’ll be drip-fed the ten episodes over the course of two weeks and episodes 5-7 will drop on Netflix on Friday, July 21, while the final two will be released on Friday, July 28.

To get you ready for the big day, we've got the lowdown on the cast members you won't be able to stop watching this summer...

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 cast:

As you’d expect on one of the sexiest shows on Netflix, the ten contestants in this year’s Too Hot To Handle are a ridiculously good-looking bunch of twenty-somethings who can’t wait to strip off into their swimwear and spend two weeks in the Caribbean. 

They will be joined by Lana, a virtual assistant and Alexa-style AI robot, who keeps a watchful eye over the contestants and acts as the narrator of the show. But who will find love, and who will be first to break the rules and jeopardise that prize money? Let’s take a look at the cast of season five…


Age: 28

From: London, UK

Describing himself as a “modern day Greek God” on his Instagram, this personal trainer is a charmer that the ladies won’t be able to resist.

Instagram handle: @alexsnelll


Age: 26

From: Houston, USA

Fashion model and “Houston hottie”, Christine is a 6ft 1 Glamazonian Goddess. She says: “I’m the girl every man wants but can’t have.”

Instagram handle: @christineobanor 


Age: 25

From: Houston, USA

Real estate agent and model Courtney could give the Selling Sunset stars a run for their money with brains and beauty to boot. She says: “I’m a limited edition Barbie. I come with two looks: a bikini and a blazer.”

Instagram handle: @courtneykrandolph


Age: 23

From: Atlanta, USA

College graduate Shedre, or Dre to his mates, is an actor, model and entrepreneur who describes himself as “different from the rest, arguably the best”.

Instagram handle: @drewoodard


Age: 23

From: Switzerland

Ski instructor Elys will be swapping snow for sun as one of the ten singletons on the new series. Also a model, she comes from Switzerland.

Instagram handle: @elys_hutchinson


Age: 24

From: LA, USA

Singer, actor and model Hannah is a triple threat with a huge instagram following (300K+) that could help her become one of the show’s favourites.

Instagram handle: @hannahbrooke


Age: 24

From: Arizona, USA

Surfer boy Hunter describes himself as a full-time fun haver and by the looks of his Instagram he's not lying! We have a feeling this blonde beauty is going to be the joker of the group.

Instagram handle: @hunting_for_lonigro


Age: 24

From: New Jersey, USA

Manchester-born model and banker Isaac is a New Jersey boy who is a “master with my words”. Let’s see if he is fluent in the language of love…

Instagram handle: @isaacfranciss


Age: 22

From: Hampshire, UK

Model Louis, who has worked for fashion giant ASOS, describes himself as a “worldie” and also a menace - looks like we’ve found our troublemaker of the series!

Instagram handle: @louis_russell 


Age: 26

From: Cambridge, UK

Personal assistant Megan likes crystals, coffee and crocs. But who will she like in the villa?

Instagram handle: @meganthomsn 

If you're after more behind-the-scenes news from Too Hot To Handle, we've revealed where the show is filmed and if one of this year's couples Alex and Elys are still together. We've  also shared which couples have gone the distance from other popular dating shows, including which Love Island couples are still together, and the latest on Perfect Match couples Joey and Kariselle and Georgia and Dom.

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