Are Kat and Alex still together? The Ultimatum season 2 update

Here's where the couple are now (worth noting there are spoiler alerts in this article, read with entertained caution...)

(L to R) Kat Shelton, Alex Chapman in episode 208 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On
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Fans of Netflix's The Ultimatum will want to know if Kat and Alex are still together ahead of the season 2 finale.

Six different couples are on the verge of marriage. One partner is ready to get married, the other isn’t quite as sure. An ultimatum is issued - and in just over eight weeks, they must commit to marriage, or split up.

The cast of The Ultimatum Season 2 has been tested with not one but two trial marriages - one with their current partner and the other by choosing a new potential partner from one of the other couples, in a life-changing opportunity to get a glimpse of two different possible futures.

And just as viewers want to know if Sam and Aussie, Xander and Vanessa or Queer Love's Lexi and Rae are still together, we look to see what's happened to Kat and Alex...

Are Kat and Alex still together?

************************** SPOILER ALERT *******************************

Yes, Kat and Alex confirmed during the reunion that they are still together after his proposal and have already set a date for the wedding. Alex told co-host Nick Lachey, "The plan is May 10 next year" as he showed their save the date magnets, which are yet to be sent out to their friends and family.

Speaking about how their lives had changed since they got engaged, Kat revealed, "It feels really different than dating, Actually, Alex is, I think now, more ready to settle down than I am.” She explained how he had started talking about buying a house and having a child together.

Alex added, “Yeah, I’m excited. It feels a (little like) baby fever,” before explaining he had recently become an uncle, after spending time with his brother's baby for the first time.

But with Alex joking about having 12 kids during the trial marriage, it sparked some laughter from castmates. 

“We had talked about all of that before,” Kat defended. “But it’s a difference of talking about it and being, like, this is happening. I’m ready for this, like, right now versus a joke of, ‘Let’s have 12 kids.’” 

Very little was known about whether Kat and Alex were still together in the run-up to the season 2 finale as they had both been quiet on social media. It could be that the travel nurse and software salesman don't want to let anything slip ahead of the season finale airing on Netflix on August 30.

To recap their situation, the couple met on a dating app and made things official and now Kat can't "imagine her life" without Alex. They've travelled all around the country together but they've still got their differences. While Kat is conflict-avoidant and doesn't like being the decision-maker, Alex wants to be challenged by a partner who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. 

Viewers saw Kat put her foot down about marriage and give Alex - who is hesitant to take the plunge - an ultimatum. But at the end of episode eight, Kat and Alex reconciled ahead of the proposal.

Where is Kat Shelton now?

Kat Shelton is said to be continuing to have conversations about starting a family as she enjoys her engagement to Alex. She accepted his proposal with the words "Oh my God!" before declaring she was so happy and excited. She starred at her shiny ring, and declared her love for him. "I feel like I was a little lost. I wasn’t really sure who I was,” she said. “You encouraged me to be my best self and you’ve helped me grow so much. I feel like a better person with you.”

“And I’m willing to spend forever with you, too.”

Prior to the reunion, she teased fans with a little sneak peek behind the scenes from filming The Ultimatum, deliberating over which outfit to wear to pick her "trial husband". She captioned the clip, "When you have to be at The Choice to pick your trial husband at 5 PM… it’s 5:15. Being late is my red flag. I got ready for The Choice in 30 minutes."

And fans were already starting to share their thoughts on the possible outcomes of the finale.

One fan wrote, "You looked great at the reunion episode and everyone should watch it! Only you can know what and whom is your happiness and I believe you will be treated with the love and respect that you deserve girly! So happy for you."

She shared a poll on her Instastory which reads, 'What will happen to Kat on Netflix tomorrow?' Get married/ Leave single ready to mingle/ get engaged and she captioned it, "Curious what you guys think" and uploaded a snap of her drinking from a glass of wine.

Where is Alex Chapman now?

Alex Chapman is engaged to Kat Shelton and the couple are planning to get married on May 10 2024. During the trial marriages Alex chose to partner with Roxanne Kaiser and Kat chose Antonio Mattei. According to, Alex thought being with someone career-orientated like himself was a good idea. But realising he was wrong, he ended his trial marriage with Roxanne on bad terms. 

Kat defended Alex during The Choice, but she still doubted his feeling for her when they reunited.

In the finale, looking back on their two years together, Alex said, “We have been tested, literally, on mountaintops, in the ocean, at home, on the road, here during this whole thing and we couldn’t be separated.” 

He continued, “We’re better together than we could ever hope to be alone and I want to go through life with you.”

Alex confessed he was looking forward to building a family and laughing and crying together for years to come. 

“Today, I want to give you my love, my heart, my respect, everything, forever. So, hopefully you’ll continue to light the way for me, make me the happiest person ever…will you marry me?” he asked Kat who then accepted. 

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